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brought to completion

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I am hospitable towards all who are dwellers beneath my roof," continued Fouquet, with an air of inexpressible majesty; "you will not be more fatally lost than he whose ruin you have consummated.
The alliance against Jor the chief had, therefore, been consummated, and this horde was already marching upon the Galu city.
It would be a wise marriage from every standpoint, Freddie Drummond concluded when the engagement was consummated and announced.
But now, on the very day when his brother's marriage to another woman had consummated his brother's treason towards her, there was something vaguely repellent in the prospect of seeing him.
It was half-past seven in the morning when the man consummated the sacrifice of his ideas; he burned everything, the toil of years.
This struck me as an evident custom, and a logical one--the seller, who receives, the money, to wet a piece of it in the establishment where the trade was consummated.
In less time than has been consummated in relating it, the interior portion of the arrangement was completed, when the men re-appeared without the tent.
If the acquisition is consummated, Pure Vanilla eXchange, Inc.
A tenant should obtain a written agreement from the broker involved in the transaction, stating that (1) the broker shall look only to the prospective landlord for the payment of its commission (if applicable), and (2) the tenant shall have no responsibility for the payment of any commission or other compensation if a lease is not consummated for any reason whatsoever including, without limitation, tenant's default, wilful or otherwise, or tenant's refusal for any reason to complete the transaction.
If a public offering is consummated concurrently with the acquisition of GALIC, STI would not issue the bridge notes to DLJ Bridge Finance and proceeds of the public offering in excess of $50 million would be used to reduce the amount of the bank financing.
There can be no assurance that the transaction will be consummated or, if consummated, that it will be consummated on the terms set forth in the letter of intent.
Singer's suit to have the terms of the option agreement consummated was denied in Chancery Court.
As previously disclosed, Forstmann will exchange $580 in cash, a certain number of unregistered shares of its common stock and cash in an amount equal to the accrued interest thereon up to (but not including) the date on which the exchange offer is consummated for each $1,000 face amount of the subordinated notes accepted for exchange.
are not timely consummated or are not consummated at all.
The Merger, when and if consummated, will constitute a "Change of Control" as defined in the Indenture.