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Synonyms for consumer

Synonyms for consumer

one who consumes goods and services


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Such a vast and faithful consumership is satisfied by more than 300,000 establishments that serve coffee.
This gang culture is part of another form of consumership.
The self is still problematical to itself, but it solves its predicament of placement vis-a-vis the world either by a passive consumership or by a discriminating transaction with the world and with informed interactions with other selves.
In addition to the ideological reasons, there are the pragmatic benefits such as the skills that may be acquired in consumership, spending, saving, and investment.
Postman lists a number of false gods that have led education to dead ends: the god of economic utility (the belief that if you do well in school, you will be rewarded with a well-paying job), the god of consumership (typified by the credo that "whoever dies with the most toys, wins"), the god of technology (the cult of information) and the god of multiculturalism (when cultural diversity becomes an exclusive preoccupation of education).