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the theory that an increasing consumption of goods is economically beneficial

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a movement advocating greater protection of the interests of consumers

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The philosophy of global consumerism is addressed, along with an obsession for purchasing, and how this affects human beings, so that a consumeristic philosophy can become a lifestyle.
families with divorced or separated parents) tend to be significantly more consumeristic.
Their collective form negates atomization, their activism transforms the passivity of the consumeristic spectacle negating the reification and the standardization of mass society.
But when the parents were interviewed about their children's consumeristic behavior, there were no significant differences between the two groups.
The change has brought not only a new liberty but also new consumeristic shock.
This essay argues that Stuart fairy poetry rooted in Shakespeare's innovative representation of tiny, consumeristic fairies, attempts to indigenize new forms of elite material display.
13) This culture offers no language for the articulation of depth or genuine longing, leaving many people in terrible desolation when suffering, serious loss, or the approach of death create crises that cannot be allayed by the available consumeristic means.
If we wish to find a way out of the soul-destroying routines of the postmodern ennui cycle with its consumeristic addictions (see Perec's Things), its narcissism and love of empty spectacle, its insane hunger for more and more objects to fill up the void of a life without meaning, I would suggest that we reassess the long tradition of writings on the maladies of the subject.
Rippen: I think the key thing is to focus more on the longer term strategies, like disease prevention and health promotion, especially in a consumeristic model.
He likes some of the people and the sights, but he cannot stand the consumeristic life-style and the brusque and ubiquitous commercialism that characterizes much of America.
Helga channels her unacknowledged sexuality into the pleasures of consumeristic purchasing and self-display as the wealthy Dahls dress her in gorgeous clothes and show off her "exotic" beauty to their friends.
Consumeristic Attitude-Including the messages: Your choice of a plan can make a difference in your health care; quality differences do exist among plans and hospitals (and regulation can not be relied upon to alter quality differences); medical problems (such as asthma, heart attack deaths, and hospital infections) are controllable or reducible; preventive measures are effective and are part of good quality care; you must take an active role in evaluating quality of care.
Yes, due to our lack of harmonious future orientation, and some selfishness, our society has become quite consumeristic -- greedy
While Penn Treaty has added numerous additional long-term care products and services to its portfolio giving it some diversification, still nearly all of its future business activity will be tied to the less predictable long-term care market, which is subject to increasing regulatory and consumeristic pressures.
Why does this initial nutritional reference regard a spiritual and aesthetic sphere rather than merely an empirical, physical one, as it would seem more obvious and appropriate also given the popular, target audience and the light, prevalently consumeristic nature of these texts?
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