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the theory that an increasing consumption of goods is economically beneficial

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a movement advocating greater protection of the interests of consumers

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Impoverished youth are more consumeristic than their wealthier counterparts, a difference attributable to low self-esteem.
This brings us to the conclusion that a consumeristic society is the result of the science of production, distribution, and consumption of wealth (i.
109) identifies as "behavioral adjustments to individual self-interest", where self-interest is typically defined in economic and consumeristic ways.
It's not that I rush to the mall and sprint from store to store in some consumeristic frenzy.
Consumeristic, materialistic, greedy, narcissistic, money-hungry, self-centred and self-worshipping Americans are flocking to hear the guy.
The concept of the exhibition, organised by Studio Khana for Culture Development in co-operation with a group of independent artists, involves discussing the surrounding consumeristic reality by imitating the supermarket model, as well as exploring the ideas related to the philosophy of consumerism and transforming them into consumeristic commodities.
Meanwhile, on the other side, we are faced with an infinite grid, rich in differences but bound in its rigid digital consumeristic dynamics.
We have bought wholesale into the idea that driving higher participation levels in consumeristic health and care management programs will logically drive better health outcomes.
The emergence of a consumeristic society without a sound production base is the real cause of the resource imbalance.
The mainstream media have co-opted the popular forms of rap music and tend to promote the music that is most violent, consumeristic, and misogynistic.
Too many courses felt like a mass produced (too many students) and consumeristic (remembering so many facts) atmosphere.
this study heuristically employs the key concepts of liberation theology in liberating curricular and pedagogical notions and practices from their anchorage in individualistic, consumeristic culture.
The new culture, which emerged starting from the 70s, promoting uncontrolled consumeristic attitude, has proven to be not working .
In an age of information overload, the mere act of wading through and deciphering society's discards becomes a political act Thus these records become more than a consumeristic product: they become a reflection of the collector's inner vision and express an alternate aesthetic philosophy (Vale and Juno 1993:3-4).
exercise, diet); disease-specific self-management behaviors; and consumeristic type behaviors (e.
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