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the theory that an increasing consumption of goods is economically beneficial

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a movement advocating greater protection of the interests of consumers

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Still, as the critics have insisted all along, consumerism as a system cannot continue indefinitely; it contains the seeds of its own demise.
The company has been lending support to various programmes by Fomca in consumer education since 2009, including its National Consumerism Campaign (2009 to 2010) and Malaysia Consumer Day programmes (2011 to 2012).
Candidates for the HealthCare Consumerism Superstars and Innovator recognition are nominated by their industry peers, clients and colleagues.
Rittenhouse finds that the data do not justify any of the five types of theories, but they do support his theory of consumerism as existential life strategy.
Consumerism derails the whole project by measuring progress in terms of demand, not in meeting people's needs.
Laurence Moore and Leigh Eric Schmidt have chronicled the myriad ways religious faith and practice have intermingled with the habits of behavior and mind known as consumerism.
1) Consumerism is also a serious threat to spiritual freedom because it can turn people into "slaves of 'possession' and of immediate gratification.
In this section of the notes I will highlight some recent studies in the area of consumerism, touching upon literature beyond the theological and ethical due to the prominence other disciplines have given consumerism.
Strangely then, a movie that celebrates the American dream also unintentionally comments on the emptiness of American consumerism.
MANCHESTER, England, November 27 /PRNewswire/ -- The value of UK ethical consumerism last year exceeded the sales of 'over-the-counter' beer and cigarettes, according to the Co-operative Bank's (LSE: CPBB) annual Ethical Consumerism Report published today (27 November).
One of large employers' most recent choices about their health plans is consumerism as part of the quest to make employees take more ownership of their health-care spending.
Indeed, for the outcomes of reflective thinking, consumerism, and interest in ads, this analysis showed effects that would have been masked by an ANOVA analysis that accounted only for a main effect of lesson condition without acknowledging the role of media orientations.
Although the author is an historian whose analysis is based primarily on an historical account of cultural change in Europe over the last 50 years, there is much in this book that sheds light on the way American consumerism is an integral part of the multi-dimensional globalization process.
1) However, Joel Spring's new book sharpens the analysis by exploring how the promotion and marketing of the ideology of consumerism led to the creation of our current "consumer state", thanks to the efforts of an unholy alliance (he calls it a "marriage") among schools, the U.
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