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the theory that an increasing consumption of goods is economically beneficial

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a movement advocating greater protection of the interests of consumers

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7) Johanna Moisander, "Motivational Complexity of Green Consumerism," International Journal of Consumer Studies 31 (July 2007):404-09.
Consumerism derails the whole project by measuring progress in terms of demand, not in meeting people's needs.
The first ideal type, consumerism, is described as a
Laurence Moore and Leigh Eric Schmidt have chronicled the myriad ways religious faith and practice have intermingled with the habits of behavior and mind known as consumerism.
Understood in yet another sense, consumerism is a way of life.
Although the author is an historian whose analysis is based primarily on an historical account of cultural change in Europe over the last 50 years, there is much in this book that sheds light on the way American consumerism is an integral part of the multi-dimensional globalization process.
government played in promoting consumerism in the first half of the twentieth century, and the role that public schools played in promoting consumerism in the latter part of the twentieth century.
The evolution of the relationship between domesticity and consumerism occupies the rest of the book.
Consumerism is not so much about having more as it is about having something else.
After all, what more highly refined and resolved display of consumerism is there today than the art auction?
Grade inflation may be due to consumerism by universities that62 now compete for students.
These and other similar bestsellers have, over the past few years, rejuvenated a much needed public intellectual critique of consumerism, of the Western (and increasingly global) indulgence in the glorious commodities of advanced branded capitalism.
But critics argue that ATMs in schools encourage consumerism.
Please don't confuse secularism with consumerism and capitalism.
He comments that the intellectuals of the Left avoided consumerism, and looked for its destruction in a socialist society.
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