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marketing research that yields information about the motives and needs of different classes of consumers

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Sefton council wish to commission a consumer research report for the open golf championships.
The opening of our newest site in the US is a continuation of a company wide expansion for Princeton Consumer Research after 20 successful years headquartered in the United Kingdom.
The field of consumer research has done its job well in terms of providing a broad range of intelligence useful in making businesses more competitive and profitable as they feed the need of the populations of the world to consume.
Consumer research began to develop as a subdiscipline in the 1960s and in the early 1970s the Association for Consumer Research (ACR) and the Journal of Consumer Research (JCR) were founded.
But while canvassing 65,000 Tesco Clubcard customers sounds impressive--and by the standards of most consumer research undertaken, it is--talking to consumers in this way still has its limitations.
That is, all Tier 1 suppliers who have "gray box" or "black box" design responsibility should have a robust system for end consumer research in each of their key component areas.
From year-round supplies and extensive consumer research to visually appealing materials, the company is creating brand awareness and excited consumers, leaving no doubt that the future is sweet for Dulcinea Farms.
We invest a lot of time and money on consumer research, so products are introduced based on what consumers want and need; that is the focus of the whole company," said a company spokeswoman.
External Search Effort: An Investigation Across Several Product Categories," Journal of Consumer Research, 14 (June): 83-95.
Building on earlier work by the author[2], this paper explores the idea of the Utopian vision of consumer research through eschatology which seeks to establish a new version of reality of consumers and which exposes existing inadequacies in our knowledge and understanding.
The purpose of this review essay is less to comment on and review Holbrook's book (although I will do so in some depth) than to look at the state of qualitative marketing and consumer research.
This is where consumer research should be conducted.
The customer is always right, the saying goes, and Pillsbury took it to heart, using consumer research to help select the winning recipes in this year's Bake-Off.
Avers that consumer research has been criticized for its preoccupation with empirical issues (Ryan, 1986) and its neglect of the experiential perspective of consumers as individuals (Belk, 1984, Fennell, 1985).
Sensory evaluation methods are extensively used in the wine, beer and distilled spirits industries for product development and quality control, while consumer research methods also offer useful insights as the product is being developed.
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