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Synonyms for consumer

Synonyms for consumer

one who consumes goods and services


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Recognizing that the employee is at the heart of a successful consumer-driven health-care implementation, brokers unanimously feel they can and should play a role in helping employees become better health-care consumers.
gov), most consumers are unaware of specialty consumer reporting agencies unless they've been denied a particular service.
Consumer research not only helps you design better products, but it also provides bargaining power with your value chain customers because your case on product changes and pricing are far more compelling when backed up by research.
The women's movement ushered in a new era of consumer health information, when patients and physicians formally initiated open relationships that led to the partnerships we see today in health care.
Last fall, Joanne Wilson, RSA commissioner, distributed the following Commissioner's Memorandum (CM 04-01) regarding the importance of consumer organizations as valuable resources for vocational rehabilitation (VR) agencies.
Outside influences can create perceptions that aren't necessarily real, yet leave the consumer wondering what to believe.
The vast American consumer market helped drive the whole world economy.
Included is a discussion of a recent governmental enactment to limit the liability of certain telecommunications service providers (TSPs) for content posted on their networks, efforts to regulate the transmission of spam, and proposed privacy measures and consumer protection laws.
Sowing the American Dream: How Consumer Culture Took Root in the Rural Midwest.
Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), Ann Brown, has seized upon the issue of low rates of response to CPSC recalls and is calling for a federally mandated product registration program.
Consumer spending, however, moved higher that month and appeared to be reasonably well maintained in the first part of September.
Consumer Alert and several members of the National Consumer Coalition's (NCC) Privacy Group expressed concern at Congress' seeming rush to pass privacy regulations.
In health care, we face barriers to consumer choice and professional discretion, a return to double-digit inflation, significant lapses and variability in quality, and broad-based stakeholder dissatisfaction from consumers, providers, and payers.
The need for increased consumer involvement in rehabilitation services has often been emphasized in professional literature.
Marketers looking to Generation Y to become tomorrow's "power" consumer segment are in for a letdown, according to Gartner Group Inc.