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Synonyms for consumer

one who consumes goods and services


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Meanwhile, intensive lobbying by banks, finance companies, and credit card firms has prompted governments to lower the minimum-income bar for credit cards and other consumer loans.
But representatives from throughout the industry are realizing the important goal established by STRIDE to enhance consumer confidence in dairy products.
Then, Americans can behave like real consumers, buying medical care like they buy auto insurance.
com), for example, is a nationwide specialty consumer reporting agency that collects and reports information regarding insurance claims, employment, and tenant history.
Consumer research not only helps you design better products, but it also provides bargaining power with your value chain customers because your case on product changes and pricing are far more compelling when backed up by research.
The women's movement ushered in a new era of consumer health information, when patients and physicians formally initiated open relationships that led to the partnerships we see today in health care.
Although the Provider Liability Law does not create an affirmative duty on TSPs to police their networks, TSPs face liability if they intentionally ignore consumer complaints and fail to take action to address such complaints.
In Sowing the American Dream, David Blanke argues that rural Midwesterners developed a distinctive consumer ethos during the nineteenth century.
29, by SAFE, a group she founded, and her paid appearance as a consumer consultant on the "Today" Show on Jan.
The shock was most evident in consumer markets, as many potential purchasers stayed riveted to their televisions and away from shopping malls.
Complying with federally-mandated legalese, meanwhile, would impose high costs on online vendors, which would either pass costs on to consumers, or in the case of smaller businesses, price them out of the market, thereby reducing consumer choice.
To focus on shared goals and use consumer power to promote evolution to not just a consumer-driven but a best outcomes-driven health care system that values and rewards outreach, innovation, and the rapid translation of scientific advances into everyday practice.
The need for increased consumer involvement in rehabilitation services has often been emphasized in professional literature.
Marketers looking to Generation Y to become tomorrow's "power" consumer segment are in for a letdown, according to Gartner Group Inc.
Assisted living experienced a watershed year in 1999 in terms of steps taken to ensure consumer protection and quality of care for the future.