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the practice of giving expert advice within a particular field

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Whether it be bringing a product to market, training staff or advising on an organizational overhaul, management consultancies offer a wide range of services and support.
Ayesh added that developing strategies specifically tailored for UAE organisations to provide world class services to customers, makes it imperative for consultancies to know the UAE market thoroughly.
Professionalism" is the most important characteristic for those buying HR and career consultancies but it is a complex concept, covering knowledge, manner, reliability, insight and flexibility.
The event was supported by the UAE Chambers of Commerce and Industry Association, UAE Business Women council and Young Arab Leaders and organised by Al Maharah and Bell Consultancies.
They have also tied up with local consultancies to provide them with local knowledge.
Overall, the survey's findings show that 88 per cent of clients rated the performance of MCA member consultancies as "good" or "very good".
When assessing the performance of consultancies, clients put implementation management as the most important criterion for judging their satisfaction, followed by the outside skills which consultants bring to a project.
The report draws on interviews with representatives from the client community, both commercial and public sector, and the supplier community, both IT services companies with 'captive' business consultancy capability and pure-play business consultancies.
Bringing a product to market, innovation, organizational design and optimization, IT design or training are just some of the ways management consultancies can help organizations work better.
Moliere says that since its launch it has climbed into the top four per cent of IT consultancies in the UK.
Only this week the first Moscow public relations consultancy was announced, and it is only a matter of time before the major international consultancies open offices in such centres, and more local communicators from government and the media establish their own businesses.
LONDON -- The Public Relations Consultants Association (PRCA) Trends Barometer Q2 - 2006, reports that although clients are still spending, consultancies are feeling the pinch with over-servicing levels reaching all-time high of 33%.
Yet fewer than ten per cent of clients believed that consultancies were likely to deliver this level of service.
We are finding that consultants get more work, and clients get the right person quickly and efficiently for their companies or consultancies," continued Bushell.
Established in 1993, Whiteoaks is currently the number one high tech PR consultancy outside London, and number 63 in the Top 150 UK PR Consultancies (PR Week).