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With his new wife, he returned to Venice and the consulship, with the prospect of additional writing and travel anticipating a well-ordered domestic life, all of which contributed greatly to his peace of mind.
One of these Tarbock fragments is the only British tile stamp to bear a date, which records the third consulship of Verus in Rome, equivalent to AD 167.
Decimus Felix was already waking the men, tapping the soles of their feet firmly with the end of his pike--his every act precisely in accord with regulations, on the path toward his own consulship, no doubt.
This section's title must strike the sympathetic student of Cicero's Consulship as incongruous: no reader of the Fourth Catilinarian can doubt that Cicero's willingness to take responsibility for putting the captured conspirators to death--a step he accurately predicted would pit him in an unending war with his enemies (60) and lead to dire consequences for himself (61)--was a crucial factor in the Senate's decision to support Cato against Caesar.
After assuming his seventh consulship, one earned with the slaughter of his enemies, and discovering that Sulla will soon return from his war with Mithridates, Marius is in shambles:
The Crisis advertisement would later place this consulship first among the accomplishments leading toward Downing's emergence as "a man of letters.
The perfect form of symbolic violence under representationalism is self-inflicted: 'He's to make his requests by particulars, wherein every one of us,' the Third Citizen tells his fellow as they prepare to bestow the consulship on Coriolanus, 'has a single honour of giving him our own voices with our own tongues'" (9).
From the beginning of the French Revolution in 1789 to the time of his death in 1834, Lafayette witnessed the full duration of the Revolution, which quickly dissolved into the Reign of Terror, followed by the Directory, the First Consulship, the First Empire and the Napoleonic Wars, the imprisonment and exile of Napoleon Bonaparte, first at Elba and then at St.
But when Rome's grateful patricians urge him into politics by taking on the consulship, he is unable to muster the required humility in the face of the common folk whom he despises.
A few years after quitting the Manila consulship, with his Islamic mission in the US (1893-96) foundering, Webb resorted to publishing and disseminating propaganda, albeit anonymously, for the Ottoman Empire.
At the time the up and coming 'New Man' was gearing up for his first assault on the consulship, the summit of political power in his beloved republic.
It reads: "Under the most God-beloved Stephanos, presbyter and superior, the mosaic decoration of the baptistry took place, in the month of December (of the) fourth indiction, in the first consulship of Maurice, our pious and Christ-loving king.
Aemilius Frontinus, who held the consulship probably between 164 and 168 and the proconsulate of Asia probably under Commodus, and his senatorial brother Aemilius Sulla; see Guey (1954), pp.
It is she who convinces him to try a second time to "submit to the people's voices" in petitioning for a consulship.