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With their help--and influence--he got the consulship to Venice, where the salary was--at Hay's insistence--raised to $1,500 a year.
The other inscription that may refer to the grain tax is a stone plaque from Oretum (Granatula) in the province of Carthaginiensis, recording the building of a horreus (clearly an error for horreum <<granary>>) in the consulship of Valentinian II and Eutropius (A.
Walsh's argument seems to suggest the former, probably drawing on the fact that Petronius had held the proconsulship in Bithynia, and the consulship thereafter.
In fact, she reports the rumor that a Jesuit Italian Consul would be sent from the USA, to which Fuller replies (281): 'I hope the United States will appoint no Italian, no Catholic, to the Consulship.
Grainger 2003:93-94, who proposes the view that Publius Cornelius Nigrinus Curiatus Maternus was not a rival of Trajan; he posits that Cornelius Nigrinus left his post in Syria to participate in the negotiations over Nerva's succession, and to take up a second consulship in September or October 97.
Cicero held his present office long after his consulship, not immediately after, as was usual" (Tyrrell y Purser 1969, 33).
16) In addition, the family records would have dated the birth years of Publius and his brother by the names of the men who held the consulship in Rome, since these were, conveniently, one-year appointments that were meant never to be repeated.
In 422 BCE, Sempronius was prosecuted for incompetence during his consulship the previous year, for an ill-fated campaign against the neighboring town of Veii.
Serre may have been angry because in October 1940 his consulship had been revoked by the British Government because of the wartime situation.
under the consulship of Cicero, the Roman Republic passed an anti-corruption statute that sought to curb the solicitation of votes, or ambitus.
They were not eager to seek battle with Hannibal so near to the end of their consulship.
Lucius Afranius in the consulship of Rome, while in Gaul received a gift
It is a truism of Roman politics that the man made the office, and if this was true of the consulship, held by two men each year, how much more true was it of a post held by one man until death?
He had wanted that to be via the ballot box and a legitimate second Consulship.
29) Having written books and pamphlets on the necessity of maintaining American unity, (30) and having worked in 1868 for the successful election of the Republican ticket, he was nominated by President Grant to a consulship in Rotterdam on 12 April 1869, only six weeks after the famous general's inauguration on 4 March 1869.