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a diplomat appointed by a government to protect its commercial interests and help its citizens in a foreign country

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Four years ago, the Bureau of Consular Affairs (CA) and the Bureau of Human Resources launched a pilot program to hire a new class of consular officers, a group of Limited Non-Career Appointees (LNAs), to staff consular positions in nations with high demand for U.
Second Federal Savings, can cinco sucursales, fue el primer banco de Estados Unidos que ensayo la combinacion de tarjeta consular y numero de contribuyente para abrir cuentas.
104 million is for antiterrorism and domestic security initiatives and activities funded through Diplomatic and Consular Programs.
Department of State: "Whenever a foreign national is arrested or detained in the United States, there are legal requirements to ensure that the foreign nationals government can offer him or her appropriate consular assistance.
Doing consular work makes junior officers better diplomats than playing step-and-fetch-it for some ambassador, but you'd have a hard time getting many non-consular officers to admit it.
com/research/407aaa/the_law_of_consula) has announced the addition of the "The Law of Consular Relations" book to their offering.
The 1st edition of the joint UAE-Kuwaiti Consular Committee was held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
To provide them consular services at their door steps, embassy and the consulate general of Pakistan dispatch consular teams on weekends to various cities and far-flung areas.
A ceremony was held earlier today in the Consular hall to inaugurate the TCS Counter.
Establishment of consular service in Khujand requires an urgent solution, MP Kanybek Imanaliyev (Ar Namys) said at the meeting of the parliamentary committee on international affairs on September 29.
KUWAIT, May 12 (KUNA) -- Kuwaiti and Moroccan expressed satisfaction Tuesday on positive outcome of their first joint consulate committee session, including the positive results which contributed to the joint consular cooperation.
He announced, during the Upper House's question time, the setting up of a new authentication department at the headquarters of the consular and social affairs office.
of Barcelona, Spain), this collection of 12 papers provides an overview of the role of consular affairs in international diplomacy and looks at key contemporary challenges in consular affairs.
The Indian embassy handles between 1,500 and 2,000 consular issues a week, the community meeting was told yesterday.