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Synonyms for consuetudinary

a manual describing the customs of a particular group (especially the ceremonial practices of a monastic order)

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It is a consuetudinary law and proof that the government pursues a levying policy", Doughmi told the session, attended by Prime Minister Abdullah Ensour and cabinet ministers.
Mukherjee notes that the concept of general average "became firmly established and embodied in the majority of the European maritime codes and the consuetudinary English admiralty law through the Roles d'Oleron.
Furthermore, the international organization has great importance for Consuetudinary Law, through the approval of resolutions which are often not mandatory but merely declarative.
See as well his mention, in this context, of Karl Marx's idea that, in consuetudinary right, sanctions work as a sort of blind and unconscious instinct (Bourdieu, "Entretien").
The manuscript also contains a glossed copy of AElfric's Colloquy and Latin versions of the Regula Sancti Benedicti as well as some of its adaptations in the Carolingian and Anglo-Saxon worlds: the Memoriale Qualiter, the Collectic Capitularis and, especially, the late-tenth century native consuetudinary, the Regularis Concordia, with an Old English gloss.