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regarded as the same in substance or essence (as of the three persons of the Trinity)

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Ritual mimetism, as Lucien Levy-Bruhl remarks, derives from a well-rooted pattern of "prelogical" mentality: the image is consubstantial with the original and vice versa (13).
Our authors explore themes as diverse as the future of American interests in the Middle East beyond 2030 to the rationale for British military failure in America during the 1780-83 period, and as consubstantial as democratization and war termination strategies for present-day Afghanistan.
the 'system') but an internal element, consubstantial with the Hegelian dialectic.
3) On this account the Bible provides us with "a Science of Realities" and "a system of symbols, harmonious in themselves, and consubstantial with the truths, of which they are the conductors" (49, 29).
Or rather, not like siblings, who do fight on occasion, while Bill, Priscilla, and Linda made a kind of fleshly image of the Holy Trinity, one in being, consubstantial, etc.
One word, for example, that's expected to raise eyebrows in churches this weekend is consubstantial, which is referenced in the Nicene Creed.
After all, it was easier to accept that Jesus Christ was a very holy man rather than the consubstantial Son of God.
One the one hand, in presenting the wolf's smelling power and pack mentality as desirable genetic prostheses for his fast fish, Guan saw the wolf as fundamentally consubstantial with NCL's ideal self.
This is one of the overtly sentimental romanticisations of the liberationist poetics in Zimbabwean literature, creating an image of the combatant as invincible and ennobled by such mystical potency that is only comparable to the consubstantial versions of Nehanda and Chaminuka.
It is, like the good Lord himself, consubstantial and co-eternal.
that matures when the Messiah is the consubstantial figure that an
In addition, Cates Baldridge argues, "The Heart of the Matter makes a case for the consubstantial nature of love and pity that is both consistent with the odd quality of difference-in-sameness" (95).
Ritual thus realized through performance involves what Victor Turner calls a "liminal" or "threshold" quality that transforms merely formal relationships into a consubstantial unity of body and action.
Manifesting itself in the form of anxiety--an anxiety that is consubstantial with the murderous instinct that obeys the logic of retaliation--the face of the other, however, enjoins him not to kill.