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Synonyms for construct

Synonyms for construct

to create by forming, combining, or altering materials

to make or form (a structure)

Synonyms for construct

put together out of artificial or natural components or parts

draw with suitable instruments and under specified conditions

create by linking linguistic units

create by organizing and linking ideas, arguments, or concepts

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With VeraLite, designers will have access to OpenVera testbench constructs that provide higher-levels of abstraction within their familiar Verilog environments.
today announced Behavioral Processor, a new system-on-chip verification technology that for the first time enables chip designers to accelerate and emulate behavioral constructs in the code used to build a chip.
One grant will be used to develop a method for cryopreserving encapsulated, glucose-responsive, insulin-secreting constructs that could be used to treat diabetes.
As the industry leader in ABV, 0-In is moving quickly to add support for the constructs that our customers are using or plan to use in the near future.
In this study, the hybrid system produced cartilage constructs with increased mechanical stability compared to those created by an ink jet printer using gel material alone.
The authors are in venerable company, for the debates over many centuries about the nature of mind and body also failed to recognize the nature of constructs and their confusion with events, probably because of the influence of cultural assumptions.
Human relations was also positively and significantly related to these same constructs as well (p<0.
However, contracts to construct improvements are not like-kind to real property for Sec.
UID constructs require the use of an Issuing Agency Code (IAC) that identifies the authority that issues enterprise identifiers.
To create an inherently containable GM crop, the researchers suggest that a different seed-lethal construct be placed on each member of a pair of chromosomes, so the constructs wouldn't be inherited together.
Piker's groundbreaking The Theory of Political Coalitions (1962), which is cited in almost all texts that succeed it, privileges "abstract reasoning" as the mechanism by which "political science" can "rise above the level of wisdom literature" and "join economics and psychology in the creation of genuine sciences of human behavior" (viii), and he constructs a model of coalition-building that assumes that "rational man wants.
Heppner and Claiborn (1989) reported in their critical review of the human service satisfaction literature that an extremely disproportionate amount of satisfaction research in human services has emphasized constructs which professionals believe are important.
All four of these chapters show the ideological constructs that operated to reinforce ideas of gender difference and reveal some of the complex ways in which these ideas were transmitted and reinforced in modern Spain.
The constructs of self-concept and self-esteem are considered to be the best indicators for assessing this development or growth.