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constructing or tending to construct or improve or promote development

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emphasizing what is laudable or hopeful or to the good

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This will be a long process, and we won't get the best outcomes for our state unless we engage constructively and positively.
Our hope is that Turkey will finally contribute constructively to a peaceful resolution of the Cyprus problem, a solution that will end the occupation and illegal settlement (of the island`s northern part) so that all the lawful inhabitants of the island will enjoy the same rights as those enjoyed by European citizens," he stressed.
In contrast, the White House finds that the opposition has shown "seriousness of purpose" and is "willing to engage constructively for the sake of the Syrian people.
President Barack Obama has called on Yemen&'s opposition to respond constructively to the initiative of President Ali Abdullah Saleh "to resolve differences through dialogue and negotiation.
Minister Milososki welcomed Luxembourg's commitment to a policy of "open doors" concerning the European Union membership and emphasized that Macedonia actively and constructively continued participating in the name issue talks under UN auspices.
Announcing its decision, the panel said in a statement: "We declare that Kevin Keegan was constructively dismissed by Newcastle United Football Club Ltd, for which Newcastle United Football Club Ltd must pay to Kevin Keegan damages in the sum of pounds 2m plus interest to be assessed if not agreed.
The prime minister encouraged Netanyahu to engage constructively towards a two state solution, building on the Arab Peace Initiative, in particular through action on settlements," it said in a statement.
Section 548 of the Bankruptcy Code allows a bankruptcy trustee to avoid a transfer as constructively fraudulent where (a) the debtor did not receive reasonably equivalent value for the transaction and (b) the debtor was insolvent at the time of the transfer.
The industry also commends the federal government, the GNWT, and communities for having co-operated so constructively on this important commitment.
We agreed, and stated in our manifesto prior to the election, that we would work constructively with all parties after the election.
It means dealing constructively with downloads, albums vs.
Introducing a series of comprehensive concepts of political civics and cultural morality, Progressive Logic offers the non-specialist general reader with a complete and thorough understanding of an idealistic "natural order of values" in which political progression is constructively rooted in the confluence of variations of progressive values.
We were anticipating the possibility of such a move and are fully prepared to move ahead constructively.
Second is the tone of the report, which touches gingerly but constructively on one of the special issues of the relationship between Jews and Germany, namely a growing distancing by increasing numbers of Germans from the very fact of the Shoah.
3: Choose the appropriate person to whom you can vent constructively.
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