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Synonyms for constructive

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constructing or tending to construct or improve or promote development

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emphasizing what is laudable or hopeful or to the good

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Washington has won the gratitude of all thoughtful Southern white men, is to say that he has worked with the highest practical wisdom at a large constructive task; for no plan for the up-building of the freedman could succeed that ran counter to Southern opinion.
The constructive or combining power, by which ingenuity is usually manifested, and to which the phrenologists (I believe erroneously) have assigned a separate organ, supposing it a primitive faculty, has been so frequently seen in those whose intellect bordered otherwise upon idiocy, as to have attracted general observation among writers on morals.
Body shaming can be taken as bullying or as constructive criticism, depending on how you discuss the issue with someone.
50, Of the section av / ac "terzo valico dei giovi", Lotto cravasco, Falling in part in the first constructive lotto , Partly in the second constructive lotto, Partly in the third constructive lotto, Partly in the fourth constructive lot, (fixed part), Partly in the fifth constructive lot and partly in the sixth constructive lotto (optional part).
A wider range of talent and less party bitterness and strife will lead to more constructive debate and we may hope A wider and less party will lead constructive Thomas more decisive action.
AkzoNobel has reached an agreement with affiliates of Elliott Advisors (UK) Limited following recent constructive dialogue, with the aim of normalizing the relationship with its shareholders.
Turkish Cypriot leader Mustafa Akinci accused the Greek Cypriot side on Thursday of lacking goodwill and setting preconditions instead of tabling constructive proposals.
Constructive dividends result in an unintended and unfavorable recharacterization by the IRS of a corporate-shareholder transaction as a dividend.
One such proposal recommends fixing the confidence convention by adopting a constructive vote of non-confidence that requires non-confidence votes to simultaneously elect a new head of government.
Selon Aucoin, Jarvis et Turnbull, l'adoption de la defiance constructive serait dans l'interet de la stabilite parlementaire, contribuerait a la legitimite des transitions a la mi-mandat et limiterait le pouvoir de l'executif.
Capital has completed a strategic investment in Constructive Media a platform of digital media products serving the casual gaming and digital education markets, the firm said on Tuesday.
Boroujerdi underlined Iran's constructive role in Syria by helping the country in its war on terrorism, and said that "the word, occupation, best fits Saudi Arabia" which sees Bahrain and its defenseless people as a province of Saudi Arabia under the Island Defense Shield Treaty.
From the constructive viewpoint, it is better to accept today's reality - legitimization of the authority through presidential elections, and to begin a constructive dialogue," Slutsky told reporters.
The final results revealed that the blind patriotic attitudes of the male participants were higher than the females and there were no gender related differences in the constructive patriotic attitudes.
While discussing the 2014 Foreign Affairs budget at the House Foreign Affairs Committee, Kerry called Turkey a constructive
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