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Synonyms for construction

Synonyms for construction

Synonyms for construction

a group of words that form a constituent of a sentence and are considered as a single unit

a thing constructed

drawing a figure satisfying certain conditions as part of solving a problem or proving a theorem

an interpretation of a text or action


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the commercial activity involved in repairing old structures or constructing new ones

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Constructionally, this semantic contrast is triggered by the distinct subjects of the two clause types.
Damluji reports that the project is remarkably successful, both constructionally and in social terms (though there are problems with drainage, perhaps exacerbated by earthquakes).
Tenders are invited for Oil Pressure Switch Cil Part No 3168066 Or Material Constructionally And Functionally Similar.
This cardboard church is inventive constructionally and in terms of ritual.
That Calatrava's sculpturally expressive (but constructionally complex) conception has now been fully realised is a measure not only of its tectonic potency but also, more prosaically, of the importance attached to new developments by the French state rail system.
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