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Synonyms for construct

Synonyms for construct

to create by forming, combining, or altering materials

to make or form (a structure)

Synonyms for construct

put together out of artificial or natural components or parts

draw with suitable instruments and under specified conditions

create by linking linguistic units

create by organizing and linking ideas, arguments, or concepts

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Shortage of parking space in Blue Area and other major markets of the city including Aabpara, Super, Jinnah Super and Karachi Company has not only aggravated traffic woes but also increased car-lifting incidents in the federal capital, police and CDA officials told reporter that food courts would also be constructed near these plazas, according to CDA, survey had also been completed for pin pointing suitable places for constructing parking plazas.
70 million for re-constructing of Shadi Kour Dam, Rs 100 million for constructing Toiwar/Batozai Storage Dam , district Qilla Saifullah, Rs 90 million has been released for constructing 26 small dams in Balochistan and Rs 8 million for constructing Delay Action Dams Ground Water recharge of Pishin Quetta Mastung and Mangocher Valleys.
There is even a Pathfinder for constructing Web-based pathfinders easily located on the Web (http://home.
These were members of the professionalising cadre of academics simultaneously constructing the new canon of Eng.
Morrison's novel moves toward the kind of notion of identity that Mouffe describes as "an ensemble of 'subject positions' that can never be totally fixed in a closed system" and that remain "always contingent and precarious, temporarily fixed at the intersection of those subject position"; moreover, Mouffe argues that these points at which subject positions meet or intersect function as "nodal points, partial fixations," as "precarious forms of identification" that have the potential of constructing "forms of unity and common action" that do not depend on cen tered subjects or on pre-existing identities or unities" ("Feminism" 372, 381).
Shortly after constructing the model he stops working in terms of architectural space and adds colors and shapes simply in terms of pictorial composition.
Zulich Enterprises is currently constructing a 107-unit apartment building in Sudbury's south end.
The Company announced that a state court in Tazewell County, Virginia has issued a temporary injunction halting GeoMet's construction of a portion of the 12 mile pipeline it is constructing to interconnect the Company's production from its Pond Creek field to the Jewel Ridge interstate pipeline operated by East Tennessee Natural Gas, LLC.
Upgrades generally consist of: construction of a influent by-pass screen and channel, replacing existing sluice gates, constructing two (2) secondary clarifiers, rehabilitating 2 existing secondary clarifiers, constructing a filler influent lift station, constructing new filter structure, constructing a filter control building, installing equipment previously procured by the County, converting a chlorine contact lank into a UV disinfection basin, constructing ferric chloride feed facilities, constructing flow control structures, constructing modifications to yard piping, and associated appurtenances.
For this reason, owners and developers throughout New York City are now looking at constructing their new high-rise office buildings using concrete cores and reinforced concrete frames, he notes.
They are constructing Web sites that support career counselors.
For example, the Service allowed (6) a taxpayer constructing a processing and storage complex to depreciate land grading and removal of soil to construct roadways.
Nootenboom has gone from working as an art director on a children's television show to illustrating books and album covers, to designing and constructing custom homes for clients.
Constructing Spanish Womanhood: Female Identity in Modem Spain.
The Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, 4th edition (DSM-IV), used in constructing the UMLS Metathesaurus, employs the term frottage in defining Frotteurism.
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