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an interpretation of the meaning of something

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The results show that speakers of English and German differ both in the construal of events as well as in the components selected for expression.
1, a case of typically oral expressive communication will be discussed: a collection of humorous verbal insults in German is analyzed in function of its exploitation of causal-metonymic construal.
While the principle of equal political participation seems to be unassailable, I do not see that Soule's "heavily qualified" neutrality construal addresses the fundamental problem with liberalism's neutrality project.
If I take my glasses off, hold them in front of me, and examine them, their construal is maximally objective .
Because patients and their families have strong legal and moral rights to reject life support and resuscitation after cardiac arrest, it is difficult to see why one should adopt a construal of irreversibility that ignores whether the patient could in fact legally or morally be resuscitated.
Gell's approach here strikes me as overly intellectualist, attributing a core value to the fact that an art work is created through technical work which transcends a viewer's cognitive understanding, forcing a construal of it as magical.
There is more than a touch of the formalist in Monelle's own construal of the semiotic project, which leads him to praise "rigorous and explicit scientificity" as opposed to "critical speculation" (p.
In my experience, when fundamental misinterpretations of conciliar teaching arise, there is generally a failure as well to realize that the Roman magisterium judges that its version of Thomistic teaching on nature and grace is the best construal of scriptural teaching on salvation.
takes the NT narratives of the risen Christ's actions as inspiration for a modest yet robust imaginative construal of the resurrected life of the blessed dead.
A Mereological Construal of the Primary Notions of Being and Thing in Avicenna and Aquinas, DANIEL D.
This edition also has additional theory and research on the self as fundamentally social; new sections on norms, power, and how social comparison processes and self-control strategies can function automatically; new coverage of construal level theory and insider and outsider perspectives; new findings on the social importance of touch, how mimicry is important in friendships, how emotions like disgust are drivers of moral judgment, and how people from the upper classes are less altruistic; new research on political ideology and barriers to persuasion; new evidence linking inequality in a culture to levels of aggression; and more on violence against women and barriers to conflict resolution.
Though this construal of concepts seems to run into what he calls the 'propositional problem', he claims that a solution is at hand: Concepts can still be thought of as constituents of propositions if they are treated not as genuine objects but as non-reductive logical constructions of what we say or do.
Four experiments show that when consumers encounter temptations that conflict with their long-term goals, one self-control mechanism is to exaggerate the negativity of the temptation as a way to resist, a process we call counteractive construal," wrote the researchers.
Furthermore, such effects stretch beyond the construal of polysemous prepositions: Hare et al.
His construal of the relationship between intellect and will is more nuanced than that of later philosophers such as Kant and Nietzsche, representatives of these two extremes.