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an interpretation of the meaning of something

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This exercise would be vital in addressing the wrongly perceived construal of education that lies central to the trailing enigma.
Thinking concretely increases the perceived likelihood of risks: The effect of construal level on risk estimation.
It deals with the speaker-imposed construal of distance and proximity in discourse.
In order to study the basic question of whether processing the same information on one platform or the other would trigger a different baseline 'interpretive lens' or mindset that would influence construals of information, researchers tried to hold as many factors as possible constant between the digital and non-digital platforms, health news reported.
The theoretical framework for this study was guided by construal level theory and uses and gratification theory.
2016), "The effect of self construal on the intention to bid on an online group-buying auction", Computers in Human Behavior, Vol.
Meanwhile, according to CLT theory, all kinds of psychological distances can systematically affect people's construal way of future events, thus affecting the preferences and choices (Fujita, 2008).
Central to this argument is the claim that Thomas escapes Heidegger's dismissal of ontotheology thanks to his analogical construal of being.
Users of English as a second language use strategic construal (Geld 2009) to make sense of complex constructions such as particle verbs (PVs), where constructional meaning may go over and above the meaning of the constituent parts (e.
Given that psychologists have shown that construal levels can vastly impact outcomes such as self-esteem and goal pursuit, it is crucial to recognise the role that digitisation of information might be having on this important aspect of cognition, said Geoff Kaufman from Dartmouth College.
Overall, Rapport's use of construal level theory for understanding the gap between jus in bello and jus post helium is persuasive.
Evidence of validity of the AAVS-M scores was ascertained based on significant positive relationships with measures of concern for loss of face and interdependent self construal (B.
Construal level theory, Destination marketing management, Iran, Psychic distance, Tourist perception.
Elizabeth Levy Paluck and Eldar Shafir, Princeton University, "The Psychology of Construal in the Design of Field Experiments"
Karkkainen's construal of God is firmly rooted in the monotheistic Christian tradition, but in dialogue it displays the relationality and mutuality that characterize the triune God.