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any of various large nonvenomous snakes that kill their prey by crushing it in its coils

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If one were to examine a cross-section of a healthy tonsil, it would reveal that a robust superior constrictor muscle (SCoM) separates the peritonsillar space from the parapharyngeal fat.
Ideally, the superior constrictor muscle and the veins of the tonsillar plexus remain covered.
Regardless of the specific tonsillectomy procedure that is performed, all patients are left with a relatively large and raw superior constrictor muscle that must heal by secondary intention in the contaminated oropharyngeal environment.
Their larynx has a rigid fibrous structure and a dilator muscle in addition to a constrictor muscle.
Differences relating to prey capture kinematics exist mainly in maxillary morphology and relationships, palato-pterygoid bar connections, and the dorsal constrictor muscles (2-5).