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(of circumstances) tending to constrict freedom

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restricting the scope or freedom of action

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17) Thus, the patient may have symptoms in keeping with tamponade only to have constrictive effects become more prominent after pericardial fluid removal (Figure 9).
Pericardial thickening >4 mm together with clinical features of predominantly right-sided cardiac failure are suggestive of constrictive physiology.
Miller published the largest case series to date in which open lung biopsy was used to diagnose 38 cases of constrictive bronchiolitis and 11 other lung ailments in 49 Fort Campbell soldiers with unexplained exertional dyspnea and normal pulmonary-function and cardiopulmonary-exercise testing (N.
Some soldiers serving in the Middle East who develop difficulty breathing--but whose chest X-rays show nothing out of the ordinary--have constrictive bronchiolitis, a kind of lung damage virtually unknown in young adults.
We see bright, optically stimulating work of often singing color--and, on occasion, sour dissonance--fixed within a constrictive, symmetrical format; we see paintings that often induce the effect of a luminous "vacuity"; we see beautiful paintings seemingly about nothing.
Constrictive pericarditis of tuberculous origin in HIV positive patients: case report and review of literature.
The Minister said that his meeting with the ANP leaders on acceleration of economic growth and resolutions of the problems being faced the country on the economic front was very positive, constrictive and useful.
The following is a nonexhaustive review of the pathology of some of the small airways diseases, specifically cellular bronchiolitis, including follicular bronchiolitis and diffuse panbronchiolitis; granulomatous bronchiolitis; tobacco smoke-associated small airways bronchiolitic diseases, hypersensitivity pneumonitis; organizing pneumonia; constrictive bronchiolitis; mineral dust exposure and various other exposure-associated bronchiolitic diseases; and 4 recently described bronchiolitic disorders, bronchiolitic disease due to ingestion of Sauropus androgynus, airway-centered interstitial fibrosis, idiopathic bronchiolocentric interstitial pneumonia, and bronchiolitis interstitial pneumonitis.
Wandering (or rather, dancing) the streets he reflects back upon his upbringing; one in which forced religion, dubious education and a good helping of stereotypes provided a thoroughly constrictive experience.
Chapters cover topics including the use of radial artery grafts in myocardial revascularization surgery, hybrid coronary revascularization and routine intra-operative completion angiography, the nary sinus in cardiac surgery, acute kidney injuries after coronary artery bypass, coronary artery bypass grafting for chronic and acute heart failure, and operative constrictive pericarditis.
After years of battling complicated, costly and constrictive export controls with limited success, the U.
But the teenagers soon found the confines of the three-piece to be a bit constrictive for the funk idiom.
It should never be subject to constrictive nationalistic policies which benefit some, but not all.
Dressed in Eugene tie-dye, the "inchantresses" and their warlock became the good guys, and Dido and Aeneas, dressed in stiff military and corporate wardrobes, represented the constrictive system that denies freedom.
On the other hand, the constrictive effects by Phe, Ang II and Xan/XOD were ameliorated by ASX-O (p < 0.