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Synonyms for constrict

Synonyms for constrict

to make smaller or narrower

to reduce in size, as by drawing together

to subject to compression

to check the freedom and spontaneity of

Synonyms for constrict

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He directed the Town municipal Officers to carry out up-to-date survey of under constrictions buildings and town wise inspection reports should be submitted without delay.
Depending on legal constrictions, the emergency room personnel can often follow-up with Source Patients to determine HIV status.
They explain how file sharing, online auctions, and other types of Internet commerce were refined and developed in accord with copyright laws and other real-world constrictions.
Compellingly authored by anthropologist and academician Kathy-Lee Galvin, Forbidden Red: Widowhood In Urban Nepal, is an extensively researched investigative study of the plight of widows and their struggle to survive in the historical and modern constrictions of Nepali society.
Kushner believes in the timeless idea that a home begins with the concept of attempting to connect the idea of habitation and occupant with his natural world--an obvious conundrum given typical urban constrictions, fiscal realities and marketing forces.
Event marketers often come up against impossible budget constrictions when planning an event, but organizations can reach their sales goals if they use a blend of brand recognition, lead generation and thought leadership: that's the message in Allison Saget's The Event Marketing Handbook: Beyond Logistics & Planning (1419515063, $22.
Different roles of PKC and MAP kinases in arteriolar constrictions to pressure and agonists.
The main idea of the chapter devoted to epistolary style is the importance of humor, which is capable of releasing the genre from its own constrictions.
Comp-N-Choke tubes are available in blued, stainless and titanium nitride finishes; in constrictions from negative .
Schools with budget constrictions can still guard their athletes safety by opting for a teacher/ATC arrangement where the ATC teaches a reduced class schedule and provides athletic training services for the sports program.
Now brought to the big screen in a shimmering adaptation by John Berry, ``Boesman and Lena'' has lost none of its power to disturb, even if the play's stage-bound constrictions limit its effectiveness as a film.