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Synonyms for constricting

(of circumstances) tending to constrict freedom

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Numerous techniques have been described in the literature; however there exists no universal technique given the varied nature of the constricting devices and individual presentations.
He and his fellow investigators made an animal model of heart failure by surgically constricting the main artery leading out of a mouse's heart.
The Bulgarian artist, who lives in Austria, typically sets out to film constricting situations.
Now the RSPCA wants to add large constricting snakes to the list.
Like a splendid moth emerging from its constricting, fusty cocoon, one of London's best loved cultural institutions has been gloriously reborn.
Well I don't know about it constricting my brain power, but I tried on my bikini the other day and having put on a stone and a half since last summer, I can report that it did seriously constrict my blood flow
Geared toward a gay male audience, these books pretend to be about liberating the male form from societal and sartorial constrictions but are actually promoting a type of body fascism far more constricting than any three-piece suit could ever be.
Racism by any other name would be just as invidious and constricting.
He conjectures that the condition could stem from cocaine's constricting effect on blood vessels, which hikes blood pressure.
Spokeswoman Ellen Tolley said that large events in that vein can knock off large purchases, further constricting the economy.
This prosthesis, not constricting but liberating, that bears a title--Sans titre (Aloge de la paresse n[degrees] 1) (Untitled [In praise of laziness no.
In Oporto, the site was less constricting than at Santiago de Compostela, so the building was able to have a more relaxed and almost Classical layout.
The successful prosecution of this case has made a significant impact on constricting the supply of counterfeit Symantec software available in North America.