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especially tense

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drawn together or squeezed physically or by extension psychologically

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Managers should ensure that investigators conduct neighborhood canvasses, which rarely are too large but frequently too constricted.
It could be argued that her range was constricted in this show by the size of the gallery, but her works generally address the individual viewer; even her sprawling work at the Whitney was best experienced at close range in a private moment.
The site was very constricted, necessitating that the building should be honed to essence.
In one type of stroke, blood flow is stopped because the blood vessel is constricted and or blocked," he says.
This is the beginning of an appealing fantasy series about a young woman named Claidi who lives in a constricted world as a servant (slave) in a rigid society.
3) There would be no change in the demographics or quality of students going into medicine and, therefore, quality of care would not diminish because of a constricted substrate for becoming physicians.
The emergence of assurance services as a new business avenue offers an example of the current, somewhat constricted view of the profession.
Adolescents who, by age 18, had never experimented with any drug were relatively anxious, emotionally constricted and lacking in social skills.
Barry Rosner, a managing director of Williams who represented the owner of a major portion of the building, and was responsible for coordinating the transaction, said "One of the challenges in the current real estate market is to ensure that firms are not constricted by layers of obligations that might stifle their ability to concentrate on their core business.
There is no real way up or out of darkness, no real way back through constricted caverns clotted with loudening fearfulness, fouled, filthy, crawling toward light, I am reaching for light in a dream, whatever time has passed as my body thickens in middle age, I sweat and shoot straight up, Fowler's position in a hospital bed, dull-eyed to whatever the white-clad apparitions want of me, would have me do, as they try to get in and I try to get out of my head.
Individuals with disabilities and their families, rehabilitation counselors, agency directors, and even rehabilitation researchers and scholars, occasionally tend to be restricted and constricted by their own experiences.
Eric was born with severe Persistent Pulmonary Hypertension of the newborn (PPHN), a life-threatening disorder in which the newborneIUs arteries to the lungs remain constricted after delivery, limiting the amount of blood flow to the lungs and therefore the amount of oxygen into the bloodstream.
Also, if you had low pressure in your sprinkler line -- because of too many heads on the line or old, constricted galvanized pipes -- it would no longer matter.
Ku of the University of Alabama in Birmingham reported experiments showing that constituents of some garlic tablets could relax constricted blood vessels,just what is needed to alleviate pulmonary hypertension (http://www.
In these projected objects, which come across like a horde of oversize and grotesquely distorted talking heads, Oursler has finally achieved a level of visibility rivaling that of his colleagues, and this in turn has initiated the second, "professional" phase of his career that unfolds, all too predictably, as a series of minute variations on a theme that is enormously constricted from the outset.