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Synonyms for constraining

restricting the scope or freedom of action

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The line item veto may be resurrected by the Supreme Court, and we will then see if it succeeds at constraining an overgrown federal government.
An examination of the salient domestic dilemmas in Jordan and the impact of transnational regional pressures upon the Jordanian domestic arena reveals the most prominent factors constraining and shaping the regime's domestic and external policies.
Thus, the damping material is sandwiched between the structure to be damped and the constraining layer.
The ultra-thin materials are made by constraining viscoelastic pressure sensitive adhesives between metal foils.
In considering disability management, when the forces promoting effective disability management outweigh the forces constraining disability management, the resulting equilibrium is expressed as successful return to work or job maintenance by the disabled workers.
By constraining the user to correctly apply design rules the tool ensures design correctness and thus that the generated code will be standards compliant, efficient and implementable.
The service can be scaled to large levels with minimum personnel requirements and no constraining end-user hardware.
To address a near doubling of fuel cost since fiscal 2004, the agency is constraining expense growth in other areas and has implemented a fare increase.
Gas produced at the project is currently being sold into a third party sales line that is constraining production to approximately 300 MCFGPD, due to line limitations.
Another factor constraining Bolivia's rating is its high level of external debt.
Factors constraining the ratings are continuing underwriting losses and concerns over Oriental Fire's capitalization.
As part of NAVSUP's Supply Maintenance Aviation Reengineering Team (SMART) project, Manugistics S&PM solutions have been put in place to enhance the Navy's inventory management - and optimize asset performance and lifecycle - by improving forecasting, reducing inventory, and constraining all supply actions with a congressionally allocated budget.
Exposure to the cyclicality and event risk of the oil and gas industry is also a constraining factor, as Tenaris' operating income is directly affected by world oil prices.
Similarly, as premium rates and volumes increase, solvency margin requirements also rise, further constraining solvency," Ms.
The new slider element simulates a slot or guide by constraining a specified point's motion to the path defined by two other points.
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