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Synonyms for constitutive

constituting or forming part of the essence of something

Synonyms for constitutive

constitutional in the structure of something (especially your physical makeup)

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The MsHsp23gene was driven by a constitutively over expression CaMV 35S promoter.
Here the enzyme phosphotriesterase expressed constitutively which also make it applicable for enzymatic bioremediation.
The activation of JAKs have been closely correlated with STAT3 activation (Ihle 1996) and we observed that resveratrol inhibited the activation of constitutively active JAK2 in FaDu cells, but not JAK1 and Src.
Second, HAC1 mRNA is constitutively expressed as a 1.
Unlike most structural biomarkers described above that are upregulated in kidney tissue during AKI, MIOX is constitutively expressed uniquely in the PTECs and is then released into circulation during renal injury.
These constitutively expressed peptides exhibited strong inhibitory effects against many bacteria and fungi.
A brief but wide-ranging conclusion returns to the possibility of equality based constitutively in obligations between people in non-egalitarian circumstances for which they are held to account by means which include programmes like 'Nkhani Zam'maboma'.
Neuralstem's patented technology produces neural stem cells of the human brain and spinal cord in commercial quantities, and the ability to control the differentiation of these cells constitutively into mature, physiologically relevant human neurons and glia.
com)-- The TSB grant will fund a collaborative project to develop synthetic promoters that constitutively drive high levels of gene expression in mammalian cell lines.
The COX-1 isoform is believed to be constitutively expressed in most cells and involved in the maintenance of various physiological functions;[sup.
The non-human enters in different ways at this juncture of the "maternal function," namely as an indirect link to the event of our birth from which we are constitutively absent.
Conversely, erm(B) can be constitutively or inducibly expressed and confers high-level resistance to MLSB (2).
So, whilst writing that script for erection-promoting tablet, the Physician should also consider the possibility of hypovitaminosis D, particularly if the following risk factors are present: constitutively darker skin type, conscious or unconscious sun-avoidance behaviour, including culturally or behaviourally-determined forms of clothing, routine use of SPF sunblock in everyday life, shift work, obesity, medication with immunosuppressants or anticonvulsants, or bowel disease predisposing to fat soluble vitamin malabsorbtion.
23) The neuronal NOS (nNOS) is constitutively expressed in the brain, peripheral nerves, and kidneys.