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Synonyms for constitutive

constituting or forming part of the essence of something

Synonyms for constitutive

constitutional in the structure of something (especially your physical makeup)

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To investigate the constitutive relations of PVB in both quasi-static and dynamic compressive loading, a series of stress--strain curve of PVB under dynamic compressive loadings in four different strain rates carried out by Xu [1] are illustrated in Fig.
During the Constitutive General Meeting, Africa50's founding members signed the articles of incorporation, which enshrine the highest standards of corporate governance.
Marc, numerical simulation on mechanical property of arterial wall was carried out, which illustrate that modified constitutive model describes the finite deformation property of arterial wall reasonably and the applied range has been broadened.
However, unfortunately, Albanians are not a constitutive ethnic group because by now they would have made the Albanian language official and promoted their constitutional status.
In its constitutive meeting, the Supervisory Board also newly appointed its committees.
Presentation a Rabat de la charte de la nouvelle phase constitutive du Syndicat libre des musiciens marocains
Khartoum, 4 Juil (SUNA) -Le Soudan participe avec une delegation dirigee par le Ministre de l'Enseignement Superieur et de la Recherche Scientifique Professeur Khamis Kjo Kinda a la premiere reunion constitutive du forum des universites de l'IGAD qui se tiendra a l'Ethiopie du 4 au 7 Juillet 2013.
La salle des reunions de la municipalite de Tinghir a accueilli, samedi 25 mai 2013, l'Assemblee Generale Constitutive de la section locale de la jeunesse socialiste sous la direction des camarades Jamal Karimi Benchekroun, membre du bureau de la jeunesse et Mustapha Moufid, secretaire provincial de Tinghir.
Quelque deux cents personnes ont assiste a l'assemblee constitutive qui a permis de degager un bureau executif.
They walk through the five elements needed to formulate and solve mass transfer problems: conservation laws and field equations, boundary conditions, constitutive equations, parameters in constitutive equations, and mathematical apparatus.
This decision was made by the 20-member drupa committee at its constitutive session held on Nov.
On the whole, President Mohamed Morsi will have the opportunity to at least alleviate the state of polarization occurring in the country, if he takes advantage of the ruling that will be issued by the Supreme Administrative Court tomorrow to determine the fate of the Constitutive Assembly in charge of drafting the constitution - whether the verdict is to dissolve the assembly or even if the court has rejected the case, ruled to confirm the composition of the assembly and granted its members the right to draft the articles of the new constitution.
Schmidt and Michael Tomasello were specifically interested in understanding children's use of a type of norm called constitutive norms.
At a Constitutive General Meeting on June 21, only 62 percent of voting rights could be arranged while 75 percent was required to elect a board.
The man representing the pueblo, a key source of constitutive violence, now represents a source of potential violence that in the future can be re-activated in the name of religion to guarantee order by extirpating foreign "contaminants.