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provide with a constitution, as of a country

take a walk for one's health or to aid digestion, as after a meal

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incorporate into a constitution, make constitutional

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254) The practical difficulty of constitutionalizing social entitlements is that they impose an affirmative duty on state governments to act in a particular way.
Sorrell moved toward constitutionalizing an open market in information, at least where the data informs marketing decisions and where the regulation has different effects on different market actors.
In both doctrinal areas, the presence of an individual right at stake (speech or voting) provides a reason for judicial oversight; however, the fact that defining the contours of this right implicates the Court in constitutionalizing a question of democratic theory provides a justification for judicial deference to the legislative branches of government.
The official added that the government summit was Merkel's idea of cementing and constitutionalizing the German-Israeli relationship so that it is not dependent on the politics of either state.
Sullivan analogizes 'the story of constitutionalizing American women's equality' to writing a 'cookbook .
Now we are treated to courts constitutionalizing all sorts of aberrant behavior that, from the beginning of the Republic, had been prohibited or regulated by the states' police power.
Secretary-general of the Popular Movement party (MP), Mohand Laenser, said that the constitution comes up with an answer to "almost all of our aspirations, such as the constitutionalizing of the Amazigh language and the new powers granted to the future prime minister and the next parliament.
17) In its cases, the Court has articulated several canons of interpretation that counsel against both constitutionalizing an issue in the first place and against deciding constitutional questions unless it is absolutely necessary to do so.
See also Margaret Gihooley, Constitutionalizing Food and Drug Law, 74 TUL.
Another part of the answer may be that it will be a rare case that requires constitutionalizing judicial review, because ordinary, garden-variety administrative law will nearly always provide a constitutionally adequate substitute.
Two Approaches to Constitutionalizing the Confessions Rule A.
One might have thought that the constitutionalizing of collective bargaining would result in a major effort by the labour movement to insist upon new policies and legislation that would bring Canada in line with international labour standards.
The question for the purposes of constitutionalizing the Harm Principle is not about what the state may or may not criminalize, but rather it is about when it may legitimately deprive a person of her liberty by means of penal detention.