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Synonyms for constitutionalize

provide with a constitution, as of a country

take a walk for one's health or to aid digestion, as after a meal

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incorporate into a constitution, make constitutional

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Why seek to uphold and even constitutionalize collective
presently refusing to constitutionalize even a right to good faith
The critical conceit of National Post's refusal to constitutionalize the protection of confidential source relationships is the presumption that press freedom can be adequately protected under the common law of privilege.
agreed and created balancing tests to constitutionalize negligence
Section 3 also constitutionalizes the majority (but by no means universal) consensus that the president is not subject to criminal charges while in office.
To constitutionalize them in this way might have ramifications not otherwise desirable.
BC Health constitutionalizes what most reasonable Canadian labour lawyers would agree is a sensible part of the statutory scheme.
Among other things, to impose such a duty is in fact to do exactly what the Court said section 2(d) does not do: to impose a "particular model of labour relations" (75) upon Canada; in other words, to constitutionalize an idiosyncratic element of North American labour relations.
To think in this manner would not simply delimit the freedom wrongly; it would constitutionalize the very opposite of what we wish to preserve.
Rather than constitutionalize key elements of the statutory scheme in order to extend it to those who are denied its promises, rather than confuse freedoms with rights, rather than allow judges to draft labour codes, rather than overrule the very important idea that there is no constitutional right to contract, a better constitutional approach is to ask the question: is there a rational reason why certain people are excluded from the statutory regime that instantiates a fundamental freedom open to others?