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Synonyms for constitutionalize

provide with a constitution, as of a country

take a walk for one's health or to aid digestion, as after a meal

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incorporate into a constitution, make constitutional

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Critics of this jurisprudential approach have always resisted its elastic potential to constitutionalize (and hence judicialize) almost everything.
presently refusing to constitutionalize even a right to good faith
Such a premise must be predicated, I think, on the view that the Constitution (or at least the Eighth Amendment) does not constitutionalize moral principles as such but only the ratifying generation's understanding of the moral principle.
4) This command accomplishes the central purposes of the Amendment, which were to constitutionalize the Civil Rights Act of 1866 and to ban the Black Codes.
Rather than creating an inter-regional insurance mechanism involving counter-cyclical transfers, the version on offer would constitutionalize pro-cyclical adjustment in recession-hit countries, with no countervailing measures to boost demand elsewhere in the eurozone.
The parallel liberty standard, linked as it is directly with the purpose of freedom of association, would not constitutionalize labour rights in and of themselves, bereft of any demonstrable impact on associating.
Waremart H thus appears to constitutionalize the Supreme Court's holding in Lechmere, and to close off the states' ability to extend organizing rights beyond the level set by the NLRA.
And the Cruzan case exemplifies the way an attempt to constitutionalize an issue can divert a usefully direct conversation about an issue's basic social and moral dilemmas into inapt, tangential, acidulous, and fruitless disputation over rights.
To constitutionalize them in this way might have ramifications not otherwise desirable.
Some Aboriginal organizations speak from time to time of "traditional" or "custom" forms of governance, often with elements of heredity, but my guess is that no government of Canada would ever agree to constitutionalize an Indian government model that was not based on democracy.
Fourth, do not constitutionalize advance directives.
Prior to that decision, there was no need to constitutionalize the peremptory because it hovered, sui generic, outside judicial constraints as an inheritance of the common law.
15] It would be an even greater error to constitutionalize the masquerade.
Or, why do we think that some collective choices, that is those we constitutionalize as rights, should limit other collective choices, that is the outcomes of ordinary democratic processes?