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an advocate of constitutional government

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A book titled 'Jin Rozon Darweesh Hwey Hum' by Sajida Jaffer, has launched, fascinated the literary gathering with its portrayal of immense contributions of Malik Muhammad Jaffer as a lawyer, constitutionalist and journalist.
My point is that the division of political power, a central feature of most constitutionalist regimes, can work as a bulwark against the political corruption generated by the concentration of power in parliamentary systems.
SIR - We would be wise to heed the warning of that wise constitutionalist, Lord Elis-Thomas, that "the trouble with referenda is that they do often become polls on the government".
He discusses Wilson's reasons for favouring the Constitutionalist forces that united temporarily to eject "the usurper" from power, and outlines the methods Wilson employed--including outright military intervention--in order to achieve a change in the Mexican government.
For the 21st century constitutionalist, perhaps the greatest virtue of redefining the privileges or immunities clause is the prospect of transforming the Constitution from a guarantor of "negative liberties" into a charter of "affirmative government," guaranteeing an array of "positive" rights.
The Organization's bureau was also formed during the meeting, with its five MPs representing various opposition parties: El-Wafd, El-Karama, the Liberal Constitutionalist Party and the Coalition Party, in addition to Anwar Essmat El-Sadat.
serving as vice president of the Seattle chapter of the Constitutionalist Party of Iran--a group that advocates a constitutional monarchy in Iran.
The Constitutionalist and Internationalist narratives are not inherently contradictory, and under the dualist conception of international law in the United States they can proceed along parallel tracks.
The Constitutionalist Revolution: An Essay on the History of England, 1450-1642.
Congressmen from the dominant Constitutionalist Liberal Party have formed a de facto alliance with their traditional foes from the Sandinista Front to strip Bolanos of much of his power and split power among themselves;
Basic concerns about the constitution and protection of liberties reappear in the other major events that Wesley addressed, providing Weber with a picture of Wesley as an organic constitutionalist.
Cobb's dismal showing now puts the Greens in the catacombs of third party politics, resting in a musty chamber beneath even the Constitutionalist Party, whose candidate, Michael Allen Petrouka, received 131,000 votes from 36 states.
It is almost a matter of faith amongst Irish historians that the shift away from John Redmond and the Irish Parliamentary Party in the aftermath of 1916 was due to republican martyrdom, along with constitutionalist ineptitude and the threat of conscription.
Amedkar, a highly respected constitutionalist of India.