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a constitutional system of government (usually with a written constitution)

advocacy of a system of government according to constitutional principles

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The project advances the distinctive thesis, first, that transnational judicial constitutionalism needs to be examined as a functional extension of classical constitutionalism.
5) Beaumont captures this civic work, "different visions of free and equal citizenship can appear inevitable or fully derivable from 'first principles' of American constitutionalism now because of the extent to which reformers' civic ideals inescapably shape our present constitutional life and worldviews" (p.
Constitutionalism is not about entrenching the policy / preferences of a fleeting majority--a constitution of "partial interests .
Constitutionalism is the manifestation of the verses, "Take counsel with them in the affairs [of public concern]" (Quran 3:159), and "Their affairs are by consultation among themselves" (Quran 42:38).
Zardari paid homage to those who laid down their lives and rendered huge sacrifices for the achievement of Pakistan as well for preserving democracy and constitutionalism and in fighting militancy.
Let us pledge today that we would continue to uphold the banners of democracy, constitutionalism and rule of law and let us reiterate our commitment to follow the principles of Unity, Faith and Discipline as our strength and guide toward reaching our ultimate destination.
This renewed reliance on state constitutionalism was by no means unanimously embraced by the judges of the New York State Court of Appeals.
sophisticated explanation of how constitutionalism operates during the
While shedding light on constitutional history of various federal states, he said that foundations of constitutionalism were deep rooted and underlined the importance of dialogue over the issues related to the constitution.
Contributors also consider whether common European law existed in the early modern period, whether cosmopolitanism can be observed in the cultural discourses of the 19th century Ottoman and Russian empires, and whether Napoleonic constitutionalism paved the way for legal universalism.
The latest exhibit: The four-year prison sentence imposed on Xu Zhiyong, a 40-year-old lawyer, activist and leader of the New Citizens Movement, which promotes constitutionalism, democracy and the rule of law.
The same refers to constitutionalism square the concept of "limits on majority decisions; more specifically, to limits that are in some sense improved" (Elster, 1998: 2).
Constitutionalism in the Approach and Aftermath of the Civil War
Everyman's Constitution: Historical Essays on the Fourteenth Amendment, the "Conspiracy Theory," and American Constitutionalism comes from a deaf law librarian who in 1938 successfully argued that the authors of the fourteenth amendment were motivated by abolitionist fervor and Civil war outcomes.
Bogdan Iancu, Legislative Delegation: The Erosion of Normative Limits in Modern Constitutionalism (Heidelberg: Springer, 2012), pp 289.