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Synonyms for constitutionalise

incorporate into a constitution, make constitutional

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To what extent does a society's decision to constitutionalise individual rights require its judiciary to engage in ultimately indeterminate forms of moral reasoning, as opposed to traditional forms of legal analysis?
The third set of questions looks at whether a societal decision to constitutionalise individual rights through a written rights instrument is either necessary for, or determinative of, the judiciary's oversight role.
If the achievement of John Hume has been to constitutionalise republicanism then an unexpected consequence has been to republicanise a growing proportion of constitutional nationalism.
Mrs Nichole Fontaine, President of the European Parliament said in a speech to the Europa Union at Weimar, November 26, 1999: "We must constitutionalise the Union.
He also emphasised the need to constitutionalise children's rights and reform the legal and institutional framework and pointed to the importance of ensuring the independence of the higher authority of children's rights.