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a monarchy having a parliament

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A constitutional monarchy is where the ruling royal acts as the official head of state but shares the power with a "constitutionally organized government," (https://www.
For this reason, the majority of Bahrainis support reform of our constitutional monarchy, but do not want to allow a small group of militants to force us down the disastrous path of revolution and anarchy, as we have seen in Syria, Egypt and Libya.
Restoration of constitutional monarchy was also used as a plank to garner voters since the ex-king is still considered by many Hindus in Nepal as a reincarnation of Lord Vishnu.
The protests came a day afterBahrain's main Shiite opposition group Al-Wefaq warned of fresh protests across the kingdom unless a national dialogue with the regime leads to real reforms, namely a constitutional monarchy.
Al-Amer, an outspoken cleric from al-Ahsa region in the country's Eastern Province, was arrested in August 2011 after he called for political reform and constitutional monarchy in Saudi Arabia.
THE Queen has had more than 60 years of practice at being head of state in a constitutional monarchy.
Michael Thuman, an experienced journalist based in ystanbul as the Turkey and Middle Eastern bureau chief of German weekly Die Zeit, chatting with me recently, likened the Erdoy-an proposal for a Turkish presidential system to the 19th-century constitutional monarchy.
Tuvalu, like Sweden, is a constitutional monarchy, and the British Queen Elisabeth II is the country's head of state.
This is an American support for constitutional monarchy as such.
Thousands of Kuwaitis rallied to protest against the decision of Court and demanded a constitutional monarchy.
Edward was not prepared to act within the constraints of an apolitical constitutional monarchy so he ceased to reign.
Another critical point in the nation's history was in November 2000, when then Amir Sheikh Hamad issued a decree to established a committee to create a blueprint to transform Bahrain from a hereditary emirate to a constitutional monarchy within 2 years.
A Kuwaiti political group and two youth groups said Wednesday that they solidly back calls for a constitutional monarchy as the wealthy Gulf state battles with a corruption scandal involving lawmakers, reported AFP on Thursday.
Bahrain declared emergency law in March before quelling the protests calling for greater political freedoms, a constitutional monarchy and an end to sectarian discrimination.
2 In the turmoil of the times, the King of Morocco, Muhammad VI, and King Hamad of Bahrain have both responded to protests by promising a transition to constitutional monarchy.
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