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a monarchy having a parliament

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For this reason, the majority of Bahrainis support reform of our constitutional monarchy, but do not want to allow a small group of militants to force us down the disastrous path of revolution and anarchy, as we have seen in Syria, Egypt and Libya.
The people will continue to struggle for their demands no matter what the challenges, obstacles or the price to pay, in order to achieve their legitimate right" to see a constitutional monarchy inBahrain, Salman said in the statement.
The rebels, who say they are inspired by Chinese revolutionary Mao Zedong, have been fighting to overthrow Nepal's constitutional monarchy since 1996.
They wanted to discuss setting up a constitutional monarchy, reforming parliament and naturalization (of foreign Sunnis).
Is democracy or constitutional monarchy the real answer?
Incoming news speak of oppositionists demanding the setting up of a constitutional monarchy and representative government after ensuring the downfall of the present cabinet.
Bhattarai, once one of the top leaders of the NCP, resigned from the party that he helped establish more than 50 years ago after constitutional monarchy was removed from the party's statutes last year.
In every other European constitutional monarchy, the role is clearly defined in law, it is depoliticised, and the public and private elements of royalty are kept clearly separate.
So, too, did her encouragement of her husband to defend the prerogatives of the Crown against the slowly developing sense of constitutional monarchy which Russia so needed.
The guerrillas want to replace the constitutional monarchy with a communist state.
The chapter on Alector discusses narrative technique and intertextual allusions before delving into the very provocative ideological context of a work which reveals its author's surreptitious adherence to religious syncretism and constitutional monarchy.
They aim to topple Nepal's multiparty democracy and constitutional monarchy and establish communist rule in the Himalayan country.
East of Nepal and between India and China is Bhutan a small country seriously pursuing a peaceful transition to a constitutional monarchy.
It's an affront to citizens of the other British nations who support the constitutional monarchy, to have to stand in a rugby stadium and endure an English crowd using God Save the Queen as their partisan haka.
GOVERNMENT Prince Rainier had been head of state in the constitutional monarchy since 1949.
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