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  • verb

Synonyms for constitute

Synonyms for constitute

to be the constituent parts of

to be equivalent or tantamount

to put in force or cause to be by legal authority

to bring into existence formally

Synonyms for constitute

create and charge with a task or function

to compose or represent:"This wall forms the background of the stage setting"

set up or lay the groundwork for

References in classic literature ?
After mentioning the duality of subject and object, which is supposed to constitute consciousness, he proceeds in italics: "EXPERIENCE, I BELIEVE, HAS NO SUCH INNER DUPLICITY; AND THE SEPARATION OF IT INTO CONSCIOUSNESS AND CONTENT COMES, NOT BY WAY OF SUBTRACTION, BUT BY WAY OF ADDITION"(p.
The occurrence of the content of a thought constitutes the occurrence of the thought.
It seems to me to be derivative, and to consist largely in BELIEFS: beliefs that what constitutes the thought is connected with various other elements which together make up the object.
Even those, however, which are purely mental will not have that intrinsic reference to objects which Brentano assigns to them and which constitutes the essence of "consciousness" as ordinarily understood.
The executive chief, with six others, appointed, three by each of the legislative branches constitutes the Supreme Court of Appeals; he is joined with the legislative department in the appointment of the other judges.
Under the Family Code, there is no need to constitute the family home judicially or extrajudicially.
According to an annual bulletin issued by the Ministry of Manpower, the number of specialists constitute nine per cent to 18,465; technicians constitute 6.
The Tax Court stated that "[t]he determination of whether a transfer of funds constitutes a loan is a question of fact" It explained that, "[i]n order for a transfer of funds to constitute a loan, at the time the funds are transferred there must be an unconditional obligation (i.
Rumsfeld recognized that although the president has extraordinary powers during a declared war to allow for swift prosecution of that war, he has no power to constitute a court--even a military court--on a whim.
First, advertising revenue associated with newspapers, magazines, telephone directories, periodicals, and similar printed publications is deemed to constitute DPGR, if the receipts from the disposition of the publications are or would be DPGR.
240 that specifies transfers that do not constitute a "change in ownership" for reassessment purposes.
At what point does the single experiment, no matter how much investigation and analysis may have gone into it, constitute research in the sense that it ticks the necessary boxes to attract government grants, university approval, and peer academic acceptance?
Under an established series of precedents spanning half a century, the Court recited a variety of situations in which takings have been held to constitute valid public purposes which meet the constitutional "public use" requirement, such as slum clearance and reduction in concentration of land ownership.
This case is worthy of note because it doesn't deal with the traditional kinds of advertisements on the Internet, such as a Web site highlighting the benefits or advantages of a particular product or service, pop-ups, unsolicited spam e-mails or banners, all of which would likely constitute advertising as that term has been defined by the majority of courts around the country.
Assessments of globalization constitute perforce an interdisciplinary project, and this too is reflected in the essays in this volume.