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Synonyms for constituent



Synonyms for constituent

serving as part of a whole, as a nondetachable part of a larger unit

one of the individual entities contributing to a whole

Synonyms for constituent

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Nor is it clear whether effects are additive, synergistic, or antagonistic--that is, whether there is interaction between constituent chemicals, whether their cumulative influence is more than the sum of its parts, or whether they cancel each other out.
During the nearly two-hour meeting with constituents, topics jumped around from foreign policy to corporate shenanigans, from the threat of war to the looming health care crisis, nationally and locally.
We are moving to an era in which the sophisticated new constituent will be fully quantitative and graphics literate.
The study provides the strongest evidence yet that vegetable constituents other than beta-carotene -- the nutrient focus of almost all previous lung cancer-dietary research -- help protect against the disease, says study leader Loic Le Marchand of the Cancer Research Center of Hawaii in Honolulu.
Treatment standards for restricted wastes are based on the best demonstrated available technology (BDAT) for each individual hazardous constituent in each listed waste.
Integration between Convio Constituent Relationship Management System and Mobile Commons Products Allows Nonprofits to Expand Engagement and Drive Response Rates
96, Accounting for Income Taxes, is a result of paying attention to constituent concerns.
Convio Open includes tools for social media, rich Web applications for a more compelling constituent experience and integration options to more effectively manage constituent data.
The FAF trustees adopted many recommendations--dealing with the GASB's structure, its relationship with the FAF, constituent relations, due process and GASAC's authority--that will permanently change the standard-setting process.
Convio is the leading provider of online constituent relationship management solutions (eCRM) for nonprofits.
Several lawmakers noted that, while the CMF report raised some valid issues, it did not back them up with data on constituent complaints about the system.
Besides seamlessly providing efficient business functionality and ticketing, marketing and development department operations, a key benefit of the system is its ability for relationship managers to have a full view of each constituent - their history, preferences and all contacts with the institution.
In step with its mission to improve and enhance the quality, consistency, and comparability of financial statements, the FASB is seeking constituent perspective on the topic of valuation guidance in financial reporting.
By showing real-time dynamic data on a social networking page or blog, the gadget provides supporters with a more powerful giving experience, enabling donors to see the impact of their donation on the constituent or organization's overall fundraising efforts.
Given the threat of federal intrusion into a local issue, no identifiable local benefit and the overwhelming constituent opposition, I wrote the letter - and would do it again.