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the body of voters who elect a representative for their area

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In Beheira, 52 candidates were initially competing for four seats in the Damanhour centre constituency.
And in one Birmingham seat, it's simply impossible to vote for a local candidate - because not one of them actually lives in the constituency.
Nationally, 'outsiders' standing for a general election seat have been known to rent a place in the constituency they are selected for - and the Examiner has found webpages of a number of candidates whose addresses were advertised for rent in 2014.
Constituency offices are an integral part of our political infrastructure.
Fatima al-Ghzal, former CMC nominee for Abu Hamour constituency, has also expressed her intention to nominate herself for constituency 10 which includes Abu Hamour (east), Mamoura, Nuaja (west) and the Central Market areas.
Constituency one: Yousif Al Rayes (second round winner)
Second constituency Ebrahim Jumaa Ali Mohammed Al-Hammadi.
According to him, FLP demanded that west Kassala area considered a national geographical constituency besides objecting to using the census as basis for determining constituencies, saying the appeal was rejected because population density is used as basic criterion for drawing constituencies.
Through a special link on MoI's website, citizens can inquire about their constituencies by entering their area and premise number or using their electricity and street number, which will then inform them of the electoral constituency that they belong to", Maliki said, adding that the new link on the MOI website will be available from next week.
Councillor David Martin of Moses //Garoeb Constituency has big plans lined up for his constituency as he eyes to build a stadium, shopping complex and industrial park in his constituency.
SOME people have a lot of Lotto luck and some people just live in Dr James Reilly's constituency.
New Delhi, May 10 ( ANI ): The Election Commission on Saturday appointed a special observer to oversee polling in Varanasi constituency, from where Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) prime ministerial candidate Narendra Modi is contesting the Lok Sabha elections.
The two states voted on April 7 in the first phase of polling where the five constituencies of Tezpur, Lakhimpur, Kaliabor, Jorhat and Dibrugarh in Assam and voters of the West Tripura constituency cast their franchise to elect their parliamentary representative.
Hassan Ali Khaza'al won in the First Constituency with 1,999 votes, Muhalhal Al-Khaled won in the 2nd constituency with 1,234 votes, and the 3rd constituency saw Fahad Al-Sane' with 1,226 votes.