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a configuration of stars as seen from the earth

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A dialectical interaction between and among publics demonstrates the dynamism of mutual engagement "to elucidate the complex discursive practices and constellatory relations among these realms" of nondominant and wider publics (Asen & Brouwer, 2001, p.
As if the heads were constellatory objects in the making, replete with a nascent gravity.
The local associations constituting a Great Community would assemble in constellatory structures, and dialectical movement would characterize their interactions.
He had previously written pieces for two pianists, but three pianists opened up new possibilities for realizing his emerging concept of diverse and complex actions in an abstractionist, constellatory musical space.
Dialectical images, like novelistic discourses in Bakhtin, are "identical with the historical object" in the sense that their constellatory structure exposes the ruptures between past and present whose relations are arbitrary, rather than fusing elements into a deceptive totality; and they achieve this by resuscitating and reconstellating the refuse of history, obsolescent forms or ruins, whose political force derives precisely from their apparent insignificance.