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a configuration of stars as seen from the earth

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While constellational shifts are notable it something still more, critical and vital: height and noble freedom are prized above all other (lowly) perspectives.
The constellational model allows for web-like semantic constructs around lexical units (be they words or phrases) and aids the understanding of semantic interconnections among words.
Glance at the chart at right and you'll find that its eastern half features constellational extroverts such as Orion, the Hunter; Auriga, the Charioteer; Taurus, the Bull; Gemini, the Twins; and the hunting dogs, Canis Major and Canis Minor.
Combined massive capital and resource investment on global scale could conceivably in the distant future succeed in destroying constellational and galactical barriers to market expansion - a pleasant daydream for frustrated marketing managers now, but 100 years hence?
He focuses on diagrammatic iconicity and makes an important distinction between constellational and linear-sequential aspects.