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This is a different case from classical closed waveguide structures in which the complex wave modes appear in an adjacent frequency region of backward wave modes in the phase constant region as given in [21-31].
i]) can be divided into (2k +1) 's interval regions and constant regions at most.
Contract award: Technical assistance from the designer for the project "Rehabilitation and modernization of water supply and sewerage and Ialomita constant region.
This syndrome is believed to be due to binding between certain portions of the antibody constant region and Fc receptors on accessory cells.
The Fc portion of the constant region of the antibody has been shown in previous studies to be responsible for mediating antibody-dependent cell-mediated cytotoxicity and has been the target of Xencor's XmAb technology.
Technical assistance for works supervision for the project "Rehabilitation and modernization of water supply and sewerage and Ialomita constant region.
MAb Antigen Binding site P4-14G6 cTnI aa 1-15 23C6 cTnI aa 15-25 4C2 cTnI aa 23-29 M155 cTnI aa 26-35 10F4 cTnI aa 34-37 19C7 cTnI aa 41-49 247 cTnI aa 65-74 560 cTnI aa 83-93 8E10 cTnI aa 86-90 415 cTnI aa 104-119 84 cTnI aa 117-126 M46 cTnI aa 130-145 8I7 cTnI aa 137-148 581 cTnI aa 143-152 441 cTnI aa 148-158 625 cTnI aa 169-178 472 (a) cTnI aa 182-191 MF4 cTnI aa 190-196 p45-10 cTnI aa 195-209 7B9 TnC 3D3 Human IgG Constant region 2C11 Human IgG1 Constant region 3C7 Human IgG2 Hinge region 5G12 Human IgG3 Hinge region 5C7 Human IgG4 Constant region Binding sites or epitopes are also given if they were specified by the manufacturer.
The patent covers amino acid modifications in the Fc domain, part of the constant region of antibodies that improves serum half-life by 2 to 3 fold over native antibodies.
Research has shown that this process, known as antibody dependent cell cytotoxicity (ADCC), is sensitive to the composition of sugars (or "glycans") in the antibody's constant region.
Siltuximab is a chimeric immunoglobulin comprising the variable antigen-binding region of a mouse antibody and the constant region of human IgG1[kappa] (1).
To allow for their applicability in common laboratory methods, library-derived antibody fragments must be fused to Fc regions to overcome the monovalent format and the lack of constant region (Fc) effector domains.
The beauty of Xencor's work is that it focuses on the constant region of an antibody, redesigning a segment that helps it more effectively attack a target cell by improving an antibody's natural immune system recruitment," says John Carroll, of FierceBiotech.
Localization of an Fc-binding reactivity to the constant region of human IgG4.
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