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The [gamma]1, [gamma]4, and s heavy chain constant regions and a corresponding light chain constant region were amplified from a cDNA library derived from human peripheral blood mononuclear cells (data not shown).
Not only variable but also constant regions of these human antibodies may bind assay immunoglobulins (5).
The patent covers amino acid modifications in the Fc domain, part of the constant region of antibodies that improves serum half-life by 2 to 3 fold over native antibodies.
In contrast to rituximab or hA20, these new protein constructs lack constant region (Fc) functions, because no antibody-dependent or complement-mediated cellular cytotoxicities were observed, thus indicating that these new antibodies kill lymphoma cells exclusively by signal transduction mechanisms.
The VTA antibody was developed using a fully human constant region identified and isolated from Avanir's Xenerex(TM) technology.
Kirin's TC Mouse(TM) technology is a transchromosomic mouse system that uses transferred human chromosome fragments carrying 100% of the variable and constant region sequences found in the natural human immunoglobulin gene sequences.
A method for quantification of immunoglobulins using peptides derived from tryptic digestion of the constant regions was proposed by our research team at the Moffitt Cancer Center as part of a review article on the role of quantitative proteomics in developing personalized care for cancer patients (5).
The second introduces the ABDEG mutations into therapeutic antibody product Fc regions, creating a dual therapeutic effect mediated by the binding of both variable and constant regions.
For influenza, a highly variable virus, he says "there appear to be some constant regions in the surface-membrane antigens that have something to do with immunity.
Polyclonal preparations have the advantage of consisting of diverse immunoglobulins that target different antigens; the heterogeneity in isotype composition confers broader biological activity through the various constant regions.
The VelocImmune mice contain the full repertoire of human heavy chain immunoglobulin genes and kappa light chain genes, each linked to endogenous mouse constant regions.
Combining such superior variable regions with constant regions enhanced by the validated POTELLIGENT[sup.
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