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a lawman with less authority and jurisdiction than a sheriff

English landscape painter (1776-1837)

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Just as the insolent rogue was talking thus to the constable, comes back Mr.
I sat still now, and began to take a better heart, but smiled and said nothing; the master looked pale; the constable turned about and looked at me.
I don't want to act the constable," said the farrier, driven into a corner by this merciless reasoning; "and there's no man can say it of me, if he'd tell the truth.
Quite true, constable,' assented Brass in the same mournful tone.
I give you my oath, constable, that down to a few minutes ago, when this fatal discovery was made, I had such confidence in that lad, that I'd have trusted him with--a hackney-coach, Mr Richard, sir; you're very slow, Sir.
Then the constable said again, "Whither goest thou, holy friar, upon this hot summer's day?
Then the constable said, for the third time, "Now tell me, holy father, do pilgrims to Canterbury wear good Lincoln green beneath their robes?
and Saxon giggled involuntarily at the startle it caused in the constable.
You ain't the first man I killed," the constable threatened.
says the constable, giving him a passionless shake.
My instructions don't go to that," replies the constable.
Giles looked doubtfully at Brittles; the constable put his hand behind his ear, to catch the reply; the two women and the tinker leaned forward to listen; the doctor glanced keenly round; when a ring was heard at the gate, and at the same moment, the sound of wheels.
The counsel for the prisoner, gentlemen, has endeavored to persuade you, in opposition to your own good sense, to believe that pointing a rifle at a constable (elected or deputed) is a very innocent affair; and that society (I mean the commonwealth, gentlemen) shall not be endangered thereby.
If you believe the witnesses, in their construction of the acts of the prisoner, it is your duty to convict him; but if you believe that the old man, who this day appears before you, meant not to harm the constable, but was acting more under the influence of habit than by the instigations of malice, it will be your duty to judge him, but to do it with lenity”
A local constable in uniform cast a sidelong glance, and said, with stolid simplicity: