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Synonyms for conspire

Synonyms for conspire

to work out a secret plan to achieve an evil or illegal end

Synonyms for conspire

engage in plotting or enter into a conspiracy, swear together

act in unison or agreement and in secret towards a deceitful or illegal purpose


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But the comedy has much to recommend it to intelligent contemporary audiences, not least of all its playful handling of gender and empowerment issues, but perhaps even more so its delightful portrait of a woman not just as a vessel for sentiment but a vehicle for justice, deliverance and even redemption: an astute schemer, strategist and conspirer, but one with compassion, conscience and a noble heart.
lt;< Conspirer dans le coeur pour la liberte >>
Telle est peut-etre la mort de la soeur d'Horace', he writes in the first Discours, giving as a supposed parallel a revision of Cinna so improbable as to call in question his good faith: 'Je m'assure que si Cinna attendait au cinquieme [acte] a conspirer contre Auguste, et qu'il consumat les quatre autres en protestations d'amour a Emilie, ou en jalousies contre Maxime, cette conspiration surprenante ferait bien des revoltes dans les esprits, a qui ces quatre premiers auraient fait attendre toute autre chose' (OC, III, 128; my italics).
He added: " I am not talking about an agent inside or a conspirer outside, rather I admonish the Syrian who loved his country but he didn't know how to defend it and unintendedly contribute to undermining it.
the son of the Canada tavern owner where the assassination plot was hatched, was the last Lincoln conspirer to be captured - in Egypt on November 23, 1866 while in quarantine after arriving in Alexandria.
Meanwhile, al-Bashir vowed to protect Sudan against the conspirers who seek to take advantage of the recent economic measures to inflict harm on the country.
Yet, the conspirers of the idea for abolition of compulsory vaccination have no response to the answer who is to be the "culprit" if their unvaccinated child later on gets sick with some of the diseases that are prevented with the vaccination.
The only times Morsi spoke of the protests, it was with the language of exclusion: infidels, traitors, conspirers.
And while Maharashtra's Home Minister R R Patil is right in saying that the existence of dance bars added to corruption in the police ranks for several cops were benami owners of such bars, it is also true that since these were hangouts for criminal gangs, the cops also succeeded in gathering much information about crime, possible terrorism and other activities for the bars also served undercover cops well in meeting their khabris without arousing any suspicion among the conspirers.
The battle with these conspirers and thugs will have to take place sooner or later and the free sons and daughters of Egypt must get thoroughly prepared for the ultimate showdown with the evil fifth columnists.
The conspirers of the Mumbai attacks have become a hurdle in the growth of relations of both countries.