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Alexander Kalim, Addressing the Gap in International Instruments Governing Internet Child Pornography, 21 COMMLAW CONSPECTUS.
Yet in spite of this, Fox's inclusive conspectus succeeds in delivering a swelling narrative of interlinked theory, practical endeavour and social advance, not only in Britain but throughout Europe and Russia.
19) See Matthew Minora, Comment: Rumor Has It that Non-Celebrity Gossip Web-Site Operators are Overestimating Their Immunity Under the Communications Decency Act, 17 CommLaw Conspectus 8(21) (2009).
Using the Conspectus survey tool, she analysed the strengths and weaknesses of the collection from the twin viewpoints of the need to maintain a balance and the need to meet users' needs.
Underscoring the importance of The British Book Trade Howard-Hill informs us that his work "provides for the first time a bibliographical conspectus of the history of the British book trade and books from the beginning of printing in Britain to 1890, the date at which the coverage of the Index to British Literary Bibliography begins"(xxiii).
They are arresting in this conspectus of Peter Prendergast's work - an exhibition spanning assertive young beginnings to ever exploratory, expressive endings," he says.
In 1962-1964 he has issued "The Elasticity Theory" and "Cylindrical and Prismatic Covers" conspectus, and the textbook in Russian "Masonry Constructions"--in Moscow (Anatolijus Rozenbliumas .
Stern, Serving Two Masters: The Dual Jurisdiction of the FCC and the Justice Department over Telecommunications Transactions, 6 COMMLAW CONSPECTUS 195, 206 (1998) ("The unique characteristics of the telecommunications industry require a specialized agency to regulate competition.
They provide an almost complete conspectus of the main ceramic types known from Bronze Age Cyprus.
Julie Tomberlin Weber, translator of Moravian missionary David Zeisberger's diaries, contributes a conspectus that reminds readers of the difficulties faced by all colonial-era European ethnographers, difficulties involving unreliable sources, the primary problem faced by this volume's authors.
Dennis, Centennial Survey of Foreign Missions: A Statistical Supplement to "Christian Missions and Social Progress," Being a Conspectus of the Achievements and Results of Evangelical Missions in All Lands at the Close of the Nineteenth Century (New York: Fleming H.
Bohm provides a brief conspectus both of the German discourse on epic in the late eighteenth century (represented by Goethe's own discussions with Schiller on the subject, as well as, for example, Friedrich August Wolf's 1795 Prolegomena ad Homerum), and of Goethe's own forays into the genre ("Achilleis," "Nausikaa," "Hermann und Dorothea," "Reineke Fuchs").
Curiously enough, this dismal conspectus was admitted explicitly by Tom Switzer, in the record of a dinner speech in the most recent Quandrant--one that in any other era would have been buried under Chatham House rules.