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an organism belonging to the same species as another organism

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After the death of the subordinate bird (case 1) in April 2011, the conspecific bird (case 2) received no other GnRH agonist therapy, and no further measurements of plasma testosterone concentrations were done; thus, the duration of low levels of circulating testosterone could not be evaluated.
Studying similarities and differences between co-occurring Canyon and Rock wren home ranges, proximity to conspecifics and heterospecifics, and habitat use for foraging will help us to assess how these wrens interact, and will provide information about space use and foraging strategies in exposed rock and cliff habitats.
Therefore, our finding of high neutralizing antibody titers in camelids is suggestive (but not evidentiary) of the presence of viruses conspecific with MERS-CoV in camelids.
Additionally, big-clawed snapping shrimp (Alpheus heterochelis) are capable of discriminating between former mates and unfamiliar conspecifics (Ward et al.
The possibility of fighting-based CTA was further explored in this study by employing a differential conditioning procedure with two taste cues: One was paired with confrontation with a conspecific, while the other was not.
Studies have shown that interactions among conspecifics negatively affect portunid crabs and American lobster (Homarus americanus) catch rates (Williams and Hill, 1982; Jury et al.
Perched males, if approached by a conspecific male, resulted in the resident flying directly at the intruder.
In nearly every case, the presence or absence of a partner conspecific had no effect on the subject's decision to send fruit to the other animal's enclosure.
First, stigmas collected from native flowers in infested areas typically had significantly less conspecific pollen (pollen from the same species) than those collected in non-infested areas.
Despite the truculent nature of the ants, the crickets could approach an ant, usually from the rear, while the ant was engaged in grooming or trophallaxis with another conspecific ant.
Conspecific attraction, the tendency for individuals of a species to settle near one another, may provide managers and conservationists with a new tool for the recovery of many bird species.
Self Conspecific Water pheromone pheromone Responders (%) 0 57.
4) reported that prenatal exposure to the estrogenic chemical diethylstilbestrol (DES) increased the frequency of both males and females that responded aggressively to a same-sex conspecific.
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