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an association of companies for some definite purpose

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For more information about the consortium, visit the consortium Web page at http://www.
The Electra Consortium is a group of European leaders in electronic training, closely affiliated with the telecommunications industry throughout Western Europe.
The consortium aims to develop new tools to handle the shift of networks from shared media LANs to switched LANs, with dynamically defined Virtual LANs.
Consortium projects address several aspects of network management: platform-independent tools and APIs, management of switched environments and advanced management applications.
This latest initiative is an extension of the successful Accelrys Consortium model, which has in the past delivered important advancements in areas such as catalysis and combinatorial chemistry.
The Consortium is an ongoing program, organized into phases of three years.
Numerous prominent storage companies have refined their code and extended their products' compatibility through UNH-IOL group tests and consortium memberships.
Annual membership fees for the SAS Consortium are $14,000, which covers the costs of developing and performing tests.
We support The Salutation Consortium in its efforts to advance the technological requirements to make this a reality," said Brent Miller, Senior Software Engineer for IBM's Pervasive Computing Division.
The Salutation Consortium understands that the study is preliminary and suggests more extensive research be conducted to further validate the findings.
The ADSL Consortium encourages all participants in the ADSL market to take advantage of this opportunity that benefits individual vendors as well as the ADSL industry as a whole.
Consortium members can utilize the UNH-IOL as a neutral testing site to verify their equipment's compatibility before their products are publicly introduced, allowing the UNH-IOL to serve as an extension of a member's own in-house private laboratory.
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