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an association of companies for some definite purpose

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The main benefit is we're networking, and we talk about things happening in the industry and talk about changes and opportunities," adds Richard Disbrow, Michigan Life Science Purchasing Consortium chairman and the purchasing manager at Van Andel Institute, a cancer research organization.
On a similar scale, the consortium is working on a college readiness program for all students in grades pre-K-12.
The policy of this consortium is open ended, that is, any institution can join the consortium.
With the launch of the Globus Consortium, we are excited to have additional support in driving the implementation and standards that have been created within the GGF.
American technology is much in demand, Frankel said, and the consortium offers a one-stop shopping place for government officials and private interests in Eastern Europe.
The HyperTransport Technology Consortium is a membership-based, non-profit organization that manages, promotes and licenses HyperTransport Technology.
However, its function has evolved to provide electronic resources, and it could be argued that its larger purpose now is to leverage the weight of its consortium for the purpose of providing as many electronic resources as possible at the lowest negotiable price.
Results of these discussions will be incorporated into a detailed report, which will validate and direct the charter of the SOA Consortium.
This latest consortium initiative in the enterprise cheminformatics area will be an extension of the successful Accelrys consortium model, which in previous consortia has delivered important scientific advancements in areas such as catalysis, combinatorial chemistry, and nanotechnology.
Consortium Helps Small Businesses Win Federal Information Technology Contracts
YOKOHAMA, Japan -- The Hybrid Consortium ("Consortium"), the Japan Automobile Research Institute (JARI), and the Electric Vehicle Symposium (EVS-22) presented the Hybrid Consortium's Hybrid Vehicle Advocacy Award to Mr.
0 and HTX implementations and it will provide the Consortium community audience with HyperTransport technology and market updates.
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