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an association of companies for some definite purpose

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Commitments which call for putting consortial demands above local priorities are unlikely to remain viable for long.
The potential for cost savings--combined with improvement in the quality of services and products made possible through large-scale bulk purchasing power-offers a powerful incentive for institutions to explore avenues for substantial consortial efforts in this arena.
In the third phase of the consortial benchmarking project, the study team sought to find out whether the operational and relational criteria that had been identified were actually used and were sufficiently comprehensive for such use.
The other fifteen consortial libraries are not part of this union catalogue; however, they enjoy the benefits of the union catalogue of IITs.
There are three basic principles: (1) it is much cheaper to make low-use and marginal books available to local patrons by borrowing from other institutions rather than by purchasing them; (2) substantial sharing among consortial members requires major reductions in the unit cost of borrowing and major increases in the ease and speed of sharing materials; and (3) it is possible to substantially improve the cost per use of a book title as well as increase the richness of the collection by transferring money spent on unnecessary duplication to purchase of new titles.
The resources available through the portal for which there is a charge are purchased on the basis of consortial arrangements, building on the work done on cooperative purchasing with NLA, state and public libraries through the Casl consortium http://www.
Taking Krummel's eleven canons (Notes 23/1, 1966) as a starting point, Fling provides us with a list of eight objectives: collect serious new books and current journals about music; collect well-edited practical editions and good recorded performances of standard musical repertoire and "new" music; collect scholarly critical editions and facsimiles; collect pedagogical and etude works to meet identified needs of users; collect materials to meet local research and performance needs; collect materials documenting local and regional music; collect anything else necessary to fulfill obligations in consortial or cooperative agreements; provide for removal of superseded editions if desired.
Industry partnerships, more efficient delivery systems, focused curricular offerings, and stronger consortial relationships with other colleges are just a few options already being explored.
The concerns they address include cost efficiencies, student and faculty services, accountability and assuring quality, and consortial relationships.
In some cases there are roadblocks at the political and governance level that make consortial behavior even more vital.
Many of the 13 contributions from leading practitioners address the pros and cons of "big deal" packages of electronic resources and consortial purchasing agreements.
Utah article delivery: A new model for consortial resource sharing.
We are pleased to provide libraries throughout Alabama with cutting edge library management technology that makes full use of Auto-Graphics' exceptional consortial ILS capabilities designed for multi-type library environments," said Albert Flores, vice president of sales at Auto-Graphics.
Auto-Graphics' Library Management Platform -- currently used by more than 11,000 libraries in North America -- is comprised of VERSO an integrated library system; SHAREit(TM) a patron-initiated, NCIP, SIP2 enabled circulation-based interlibrary loan and consortial borrowing solution; and SEARCHit(TM) a federated search and discovery module.