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an association of companies for some definite purpose

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Collaborative work has been a cornerstone of library consortial activities but the idea that working together will make the consortium, and its individual members, stronger is being put into action in increasingly innovative ways.
The field experiment was conducted to investigate the effect of individual and consortial fluorescent Pseudomonas strains on the growth and establishment of apple rootstock planted in replant sites of Maggota and Sharontha.
In Library Consortia, the authors each contribute chapters on the various aspects of consortium management and have also gathered 16 case studies that discuss a wide variety of library consortial projects.
Other consortia have developed vibrant faculty and administrative collaborations that include joint training and professional development for faculty and departmental chairs, shared library services and subscriptions, and faculty diversification and mentorship efforts ranging from National Science Foundation-funded AGEP (Alliance for Graduate Education and the Professoriate) consortium grants to Mellon-funded post-doctoral consortial fellowship programs and collaborative faculty research projects.
The study, which used a consortial benchmarking approach, identified key characteristics of innovative suppliers; the results offer some insight on both the importance of being a preferred customer and the routes to attaining that status.
The UMBC library shares in the consortial USMAI catalog, and consortial borrowing of books is commonplace.
Grants from FIHE's $36 million endowment will provide support to state funds for scholarships and consortial programs and leverage additional fundraising by the state funds.
FIPSE called for national, consortial contributions to improving the knowledge and abilities to assess student learning for purposes of accountability and improvement.
Selected papers from the conference, collected here, examine topics including a locally hosted e-book platform in a consortial environment, an initiative to improve journal transfers between publishers, deep indexing of embedded article information, weeding a periodical collection, and tracking the indexing and abstracting of open access journals.
The participants in Workshop III are the Consortial members and also the invited national university-based experts in those disciplines pertinent to chiropractic who will become new Consortial members (Appendix 1).
For scientific and technical journal publishing, the means of distribution has settled into new models, driven in large part by the growth of consortial licensing.
Its main focus is on negotiating affordable subscriptions on a multi-country consortial basis, while supporting the enhancement of emerging national library consortia in member countries.
Whether it's a part-time, modular, distance learning, in-company or consortial MBA you have in mind, the right programme is out there.
In the last decade and a half the convergence of two explosive trends--the rise of digital information and consortial organization--have provided radical new possibilities for improving libraries' abilities to get more value out of each dollar spent.