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Unfortunately, as a result, New Textualism severely limits the discretion of judges to interpret the law consonantly with the views of society.
85) Consonantly, several texts promoting calisthenics and gymnastics also lamented a pronounced absence of domestic knowledge and, thus, of domestic competence as well on the part of U.
As a result, models operating consonantly with modernism tend to posit theories that are mutually exclusive from one another.
describes radical love as response, union, and affirmation: "[R]adical love is a response in which the lover (I) affectively affirm the beloved (you) for yourself (as a radical end), in yourself (on account of your intrinsic lovable actuality), directly and explicitly in your personal act of being, implicitly in your total reality, by which affirmation my personal being is consonantly present to you and in you and yours is present to and in me, by which I affectively identify with your personal being, by which in some sense I am you affectively" (163).
Therefore it was proposed that awareness, wakefulness, human field motion, and well-being all change consonantly in the process of human unfolding.