consonant system

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the system of consonants used in a particular language

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0 in a three-value system (no features shared, one feature shared, two features shared), it may be taken to suggest the absence of any significant effect, that is, the structure of the English consonant system is sensitive neither to similarity nor to contrast.
In view of these distinct manifestations of both similarity and contrast, it is possible to remove the above uncertainty about the proper interpretation of the roles of contrast and similarity in the English consonant system.
In Livonian, they appear phonetically voiced--which introduces a voiced/voiceless opposition into the consonant system.
The English consonant system consists of 17 obstruents, three pairs of stops, four pairs of fricatives, and two affricates, all distinguished by voicing.
34) The evidence for the Canaanite "long" consonant system does not appear as convincing on the basis of linear texts written in these languages or dialects.
The old, richer consonant system is reflected in Greek names of two great Phoenician cities, Sidon and Tyre.
This also includes an analysis of consonant mutation and stem-initial consonant systems of several languages and Atlantic lexical material in comparative word lists.
The difference between the underlying consonant systems can be used as a partial foundation for dialect geography.