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Synonyms for consolingly

in a comforting or consoling manner


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These police-reports will soon stem the torrent of my ideas, and effectually hinder any rebellious overflowing of the time-worn banks of official duties"; he said to himself consolingly, while his eye ran over the first page.
Well," I said consolingly, "it will be the other way about to-morrow.
It was at that point runner-up Sebastien Vettel consolingly rubbed his shoulder, to which sharp-as-a-tack Button quipped: "I'll get you stroking it (the buttock) later Sebastien, don't wor r y.
Diane's selfhood first disappears into her consolingly fantasized performances of the images she has consumed at the movies; once the screen is dismantled, confronting her with the real memory of her failure as an actress and her responsibility for Camilla's murder, she disappears into madness and suicide.
In Milton's sonnet, the octave's calumny of a remorseless God is resolved by the exonerations of Patience in a sestet that consolingly glimpses a redeeming God through whom suffering is doing and for whom earthly trial is requisite to the meriting of "exaltation without change or end" (PR III.
He has an outstanding record in one-day cricket and he'll feature heavily in the Twenty20," Maddy said consolingly.
lover's disappearance: When a still older lady consolingly suggests