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bring or come into association or action


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Nor had my consociates simply grown old in the Jimi Valley--indeed the life experience they bring to the business is diverse.
For Habermas, then, law is legitimate because it is the most abstract medium through which consociates can regulate one another's communicative freedom.
It is perhaps the most erudite but yet also intriguing feature in Schutz theory that the subjective experience within the world of consociates as such--that is, I share the time and space with the Other; my stream of consciousness attends to yours, and yours to mine; and we-grow-old-together--is not "meaningful" in the sense outlined in Weber's theory of social action.
Within the life course literature these networks are sometimes called "convoys" (Kahn & Antonucci, 1980; Plath, 1980) in order to emphasize the consociate nature of the relationships between people, and the coming and going of life in different stages of the life journey.
Similarly, the disruption of the region's indigenous 'promise [arranged] marriage' practices led to new affinal patterns that weakened customary ties between 'countrymen' (Chase 1980), intermarrying sets of consociates whose 'clan' areas were spatially proximate to one another.
In front of friends, families, sisters and other consociates, the new consociate expresses his or her desire to belong to the community along with the gifts he or she brings and his or her expectations from the community.
In making him the object of their dissatisfaction, Luritja have found an extremely effective buffer--his presence relieves people of having to directly confront their own kin or consociates for the part they may have played in making particular decisions.
In this way, consociates or family were not alienated.
Here I want to look at this extension of the imagery of kinship to consociates outside of what was termed, in recent Native Title proceedings, the 'cultural domain' of Indigenous people of the northern Kimberley.
But, most importantly, he had many resentments and attachments binding him to his living relatives and consociates.
Experience of the holy is given to sets of consociates in their own respective 'times'.
Parallel to witchcraft victims' obliviousness of their own victimization, Korowai emphasize witches' subjective perception of humans as pigs, cassowaries, or other food objects, their lack of awareness that they are causing their consociates to die, and their lack of agency in determining or changing their own pathological condition.
I will be proposing that such modes of agreement between Aboriginal people and their non-indigenous consociates have occurred in the past 100 years.
Arguments between people over land based identities can cause schisms between long term consociates, breaking up well established gambling schools, determining who one drinks with, causing people to abruptly leave time-honoured residences.
She undoubtedly sees herself as Ngarrindjeri, she writes of her kin, especially those in the generation above hers, and their consociates, and many of them are pictured in her book.