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bring or come into association or action


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The extract features collective and collaborative talk and consociate storytelling, which overtly reveals social order, and the team about which the hosts are talking is a 'masculine team'--and a particular type of masculine team.
It is perhaps the most erudite but yet also intriguing feature in Schutz theory that the subjective experience within the world of consociates as such--that is, I share the time and space with the Other; my stream of consciousness attends to yours, and yours to mine; and we-grow-old-together--is not "meaningful" in the sense outlined in Weber's theory of social action.
turns 16, 18, and 23), and in other instances she wavers and becomes more of a consociate (e.
Two points are obvious: (a) family are the closest consociates, and (b) friends are relatively absent.
El Gammal saw this need to prompt change in employees as she worked through her family's business, Consociate Dansig, a Third Party Administrator (TPA) of health care benefits and claims processing.
Consociate Group, Third Party Administrator, located in Decatur, Illinois, moves forward with the utilization of PMCS' Advance Funded Provider Program (AFP).
Catherine and has become a consociate member of the Sisters of St.
In sum, the consociate relations of the workplace, where the sharing of things and cash is circumscribed, are not the service relations of Western Arrernte relatedness.
One of the many thousands of associates is Shirley Lieberman, a consociate with the Sisters of St.
com Consociate All states except CA NY 217-451-9101 www.
I have already described the diverse clan and clan-cluster identity of my consociates.
The participant citizens are consociates of a form of life embedded in structures of communicative action, which are linguistically mediated forms of interaction based on the ability of the hearer and speaker to accept and reject the validity claims raised in reciprocally related speech acts.
Kelsen's Allgemeine Staatslehre constituted Castberg's background on legal philosophy: the Norwegian persevered in the correlation between the postulate of validity expressed in the "grunn-norm" and the social acts: the validity of Law cannot be explained only through the validity of the postulate but also through its correspondence to the general juridical convictions and to the acknowledgment of the consociates (Castberg, 1947: 46-47).
At the same time, the welfare of her consociates connected in a symmetrical inter-subjective web of relations also needs safeguarding.